Credit Repair Kings: A Trailblazer in Raising Credit Scores and Fixing Errors

Having the right credit score can spell out a huge difference when it comes to loan opportunities. For instance, in the United States, the Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) requires a minimum score of 620 for one to qualify for a mortgage. Thus, having low scores would mean lower mortgage opportunities and possibly, higher interest rates. With that in mind, fixing credit scores and improving credit standing becomes extremely important. Credit Repair Kings seeks to make these credit challenges easier to accomplish. 

Credit Repair Kings is a Miami-based credit repair company established to help clients achieve the lifestyle they deserve. By helping them increase their credit scores, fix credit errors, and improve credit standing, clients will qualify for more loan opportunities that offer lower interest rates. “Getting out of debt is the key to building wealth,” expresses Roland Reznik, the CEO of Credit Repair Kings. He points out that with improved credit profiles, lenders are more inclined to approve a loan or credit account with lower interest rates to help clients save thousands of dollars in the end. 

With good credit comes great power. On top of loan opportunities and lower interest rates, an increase in negotiating power is another benefit. Moreover, clients get approved for loans with higher limits, and approval for rental houses or apartments become much easier as well. Higher car insurance rates may even be availed of as well. Unfortunately, not many are knowledgeable about these benefits. Statistics show that one in five Americans do not even know their credit scores. Additionally, an estimated 68,000,000 Americans have credit scores lower than 600. This reality motivates Credit Repair Kings to educate more people about the fundamentals of credit and how to improve them. 

With the onset of the COVID-19, Roland Reznik and his team of credit specialists at Credit Repair Kings have seen a significant increase in demand for their services as the pandemic left many jobless.” We are helping these individuals by educating them about credit and helping them with their financial goals to get back on track,” says the company owner. To give back to the community, the company offers a free consultation and review of financial goals to those hit hard by the crisis today.

What keeps clients coming in is the incredible dedication the team possesses. Specialists from Credit Repair Kings are hands-on with clients making them feel more secure. With a combined experience of 25 years in their hands, this team of credit specialists has removed thousands of negative items from clients’ credit reports and improved their credit standing greatly. Each client’s financial situation and financial goal are thoroughly examined by an assigned specialist to ensure the best credit solutions are provided. 

In the future, Roland Reznik hopes for Credit Repair Kings to expand its services to other cities and markets throughout the United States. For now, the company continues to take the lead in educating people about credit and helping them maximize their credit potentials. It is important to remember that not all negative items in one’s credit scores are meant to stay there forever. Having the right credit repair company can safely remove some of these negative items and improve credit scores in no time. 

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