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Look at the fashions that are out of style.

In fact, the most predictable aspect of fashion is its unpredictability. Every year, we witness the creation of fresh, original fashion trends as well as the comeback of vintage looks.

Several prominent fashion fads die off prematurely simultaneously, and consumers rush to the next one.

Some of these fashion trends began in 2022 and progressively faded away to make way for other ones. As the year came to an end, we sought out designers who shared some prominent fashion trends they believed were no longer in style.

Skinny jeans were one of the leading fashion fads that perished or went away in 2022, as per designer Babita Malkani.

“Recently, fashion saw a boom with different and more relaxed styles of jeans such as wide leg, straight leg, bootleg, asymmetric and baggy jeans — major winners in both comfort and style,” she said in an interview with

Saneer Malhotra, a designer and co-founder of Wake Your Dreams, agreed.

“As the trends are veering towards more loose fit, paving way for comfort, skinny jeans are out of fashion,” she added. 

In addition to thin jeans, Malhotra claimed that camouflage designs and heels had also fallen out of favor with consumers favoring sneakers.

In Malkani’s opinion, cold-shoulder tops and real fur clothes are two other fashions that have passed their prime.

“Real fur is officially a relic of old times, and one can go for faux fur that is made from sustainable materials if you desire that look,” she stated.

Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is no longer a popular choice among consumers.

Designers emphasized that consumers are increasingly choosing durable, ethically created clothing over quick fashion items that are meant to be worn once and thrown away.

“Now, people care about who made their clothes, where they come from, and how many wears they can get from each garment they purchase. The focus is on buying and wearing mindfully,” designer duo Sujata Biswas and Taniya Biswas, Founders of Suta, said.

“Today, social media is replete with styling tips that can help you re-wear your existing wardrobe while creating completely fresh looks. We think people want pieces that can be repurposed, have a story behind them, and can be eventually passed on to friends or family as heirlooms.” 

Malhotra concurred that there is a shift toward sustainable living and conscious purchasing.

While Sujata predicts that neutral hues will continue to rule the wardrobes of fashion enthusiasts, she thinks the trend of donning a neutral color scheme from head to toe is about to fade.

While comfort is always a top factor, Taniya said boxy, oversized shapes are going out of style, particularly in the form of coats and blazers.

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What is in? 

We have already started to notice some exciting new fashion trends that promise to be prevalent as 2023 approaches, and brands from budget to high-end are beginning to announce their 2023 collections.

The trend is already sparking conversations about anything from velvet to satin to floral designs and more. This season, it’s all about reviving vintage styles but giving them a contemporary, new spin. 

Let’s look at a few fresh trends that the upcoming year will likely bring about.

Let’s talk about the trends you need to add to your wardrobe for 2023.


Although fashion trends come and go each year, a few wardrobe essentials remain in style year after year. One such item is the blazer. 

Blazers are classic clothing items with distinctive elements best suited for parties and wedding celebrations. They are made from materials like velvet. This trend’s adaptability and clever layering are what makes it so beautiful.


Speaking about the devil, tiny and off-shoulder dresses are once more in style and can help you stand out from the crowd. They are the ideal attire for going to a “gala” with friends or taking fashionable, carefree vacations. 

This trend is a modernized interpretation of a timeless fabric, and you can style it in various ways and play with textures for a multifaceted appearance.


As with all silhouettes, the saree’s fashion is ever-evolving, but as a classic piece of clothing, it has recently come into its own. Everyone, from celebrities to influencers, appears in awe of this timeless apparel. Sarees are available in many different fabrics, including cotton. 

Designer sarees and blouses made of silk, georgette, satin, organza, and a range of other materials are undoubtedly grabbing the attention. 

The one saree trend that will be famous in 2023 is sleeveless and back-design blouses paired with the appropriate sarees, especially for weddings and festive occasions. Additionally, digital print sarees will be widely used because of their adaptability.

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Romance and Drama

Do you recall when each sleeve and hemline were trimmed with feathers? Well, tassels and fringe have formally taken their place. However, 2023’s fashion trends will make it very evident that romance is in the cards. 

Be on the lookout for floral dresses, gowns, trousers, evening clothing, fringed dresses, tassel embellishments, lace shirts, skirts, and blouses. Among the trends which will be prevalent in 2023 are those listed above.

To be fashionable and current all year long, you must have these looks in your closet. But one thing becomes evident—fashion in 2023 is expected to be bolder and more exquisite than ever, with a clear homage to ancient times. 

Add layers, experiment with other fabrics and textures, colors, and styles, and use a more extensive range of hues.

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