Film and Multilingual Voiceover Actor Syed Ahad Hussain on Modern International Distribution Method for “Merchant of Venice” in 2021 for Netflix

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When filming in Hollywood wrap up, films go through several post-production processes before they’re released. Prior to getting an international release, films get dubbed with the right voiceovers for certain countries. Unlike the more technical aspects of other post-production processes, dubbing requires talent as it takes a gift to perform at such different ranges. Syed Ahad Hussain is one of the talented individuals who has built his career around the art of voice acting.

Syed Ahad Hussain was born in Pakistan, and he has gained a deep understanding of the entertainment world. His exposure to various cultures from growing up in the UAE and Pakistan has also given him a wider perspective about life and a better understanding when it comes to dealing with people. Syed had always had his life revolve around entertainment as his father, (RIP) the late Syed Arshad Hussain, was a known figure in the Pakistan Television Industry, having performed in several drama serials. Taking inspiration from his father, Syed would follow in his footsteps. The talented artist started his career as a dubbing artist in several Turkish television series, some of which were among the highest in the ranking. Outside of film, Syed Ahad Hussain has vast experience in pre and post-production in films, working as an audio engineer on various softwares. 

Famed for his talent, Syed can speak five languages, which allows him to act in many different roles. He can speak Arabic, English, German, Hindi, and Urdu. He is known for his trademark baritone voice. Syed would earn his breakthrough on the big screen when he worked as a part of the supporting cast for the film Baby in 2015 by Bollywood director Neeraj Pandey. Despite being part of the supporting cast, Syed stood out for his role in the climax parts. Syed has amassed many years of training and exposure in film & television projects in different cinemas from the United Kingdom, China, Japan, France, Germany, and so much more.

With over ten years of experience in voice acting, Syed has seen each method’s benefits for targeting international markets established. He wants people to be more aware of the target market’s cultural preferences as some regions don’t take dubbing seriously as an effective way to disseminate information. Syed believes that filmmakers should do more research to ensure that their target audience receives foreign content that is familiar and useful to them to make a more significant impact on their end goal.

Recently, Syed Ahad Hussain has been busy while producing the international new distribution method for upcoming Netflix series, “The Merchant of Venice,” a popularly produced Shakespear play. Known for its comical nature, it has recently been seen as one of his “problem plays.” While apologists argue that Shakespeare was reflecting his time’s prejudices, most modern productions present the character Shylock as a sympathetic figure and stands as a universal symbol of all oppressed minorities. Syed has said that people want to justify the presentation of a play with vile anti-semitic language and themes respected in theaters and languages worldwide despite the rationalizations.

The multitalented voice actor believes that the modern adaptations attempt to alleviate the play by turning Shylock into a universal symbol of oppression fails because they don’t confront the actual language that Shakespeare wrote. For him, the language in the play matters a great deal. Syed also said that “We should keep in mind that in the first century and a half of its history, ‘The Merchant of Venice’ was hardly ever produced, and it virtually disappeared from the stage and cinema. Let’s give it a break for now for being a universal symbol of oppression on an adaptation level for the new international distribution method.”

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