Your Guide to Understanding the Global Rise of Boba Drinks

Image Commercially Licensed from: Unsplash
Image Commercially Licensed from: Unsplash

Whether spending quality time with your loved ones or just cooling off after a stressful day, you can never go wrong with a tall, refreshing glass of boba tea. This drink has recently gained popularity because of its convenience and affordability. They also have different flavors like coffee, fruity beverages, smoothies, and bubble drinks. 

However, as you read an online food news article or order another drink, you may be curious about this popular beverage’s origins. 

If you want to enjoy a better quality time with your friends and get the most out of your next order, this article will discuss boba tea’s origins, the different styles, and its good and bad sides. We’ll also provide three best-sellers you can try. 

Origins of Boba Tea 

Boba tea is a refreshing beverage originating in Taiwan in the 1980s. People create it by combining tea, milk, and large tapioca balls. Others also call it bubble tea because bubbles form at the top when they shake the drink. Taiwanese immigrants later popularized the beverage in the 1990s, and its popularity has grown significantly, thanks to social media and online food news articles.

5 Different Boba Styles to Try

After discussing bubble tea’s origins, this section will enumerate five common boba styles you should order today. 

  1. Black Boba

It’s a famous, sweet boba people make with brown sugar and sometimes food coloring. Black boba has a chewy texture similar to licorice. 

  1. Clear Boba

It’s a tapioca ball that tastes like its pudding counterpart. While clear boba doesn’t add sweetness or other flavors to drinks, it absorbs the tea’s flavor when you place it in the beverage instead. This boba style works best for enjoying your beverage without adding extra flavors. 

  1. Flavored Boba

People infuse these chewy tapioca balls with fruity or sweet flavors, making them an excellent addition to any icy beverage or dessert, such as ice cream, tea, and smoothies.

  1. Mini Boba

These balls are tiny tapioca pearls you can add to any beverage for flavor and texture. Unlike traditional boba balls, mini boba pearls are easier to chew, swallow, and fit through your straw. They also add a fun twist to any drink, transforming it into something more exciting. 

  1. Popping Boba 

It’s a fun treat made from a thin, transparent film full of a sweet and flavorful liquid. You can enjoy popping boba in different flavors like peach, apple, cherry, and watermelon. It’s also a great way to enjoy a snack without worrying about calories. 

Does Boba Offer Health Benefits? 

Boba originates from tapioca, a carbohydrate with natural ingredients like tea. It’s ideal for many diets and health plans because it’s non-inflammatory. Experts say drinking tea mixed with boba can provide health benefits like helping combat cancer cells with its antioxidants, potentially aiding in weight loss, and protecting bones. 

What’s the Bad Side of Boba Tea?

While boba tea can be a refreshing treat, you should be mindful of its sugar content. Fortunately, you can still enjoy this refreshing drink and minimize your health risk by using dairy-free milk, fruit puree, or sliced fruit to sweeten the drink. You can also ask for honey as an alternative to sweeteners. 

Boba Tea Best-Sellers to Try 

Kung Fu Tea, Sharetea, and Gong Cha are popular boba tea franchises with numerous locations in the United States and abroad. They offer a variety of drinks, with options to customize sweetness and ice levels. Gong Cha also has a milk foam series. 

A Refreshing Experience

Boba tea has come a long way from its humble origins in Taiwan. You can enjoy this drink better by reading more online food news articles, selecting healthier options, and visiting your local bubble tea franchises. 

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