Hollywood Honors Late Actor Ray Liotta with Walk of Fame Star

Ray Liotta

Legendary actor Ray Liotta, who died in May 2022 at the age of 67, was posthumously awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Friday.

For his legendary roles in films like Goodfellas, Field of Dreams, and Hannibal, Liotta was well-known.

The star’s unveiling was attended by Liotta’s family, including her daughter Carsen, who received honors on behalf of her father.Famous associates of Liotta’s career, including Elizabeth Banks and Taron Egerton, were also in attendance, along with the film industry. acknowledged the actor’s contribution to  

Despite the rain and chilly weather in Los Angeles, Karsen cheered the audience up with his humorous comments. She remembered her father and expressed her gratitude to her father’s fans and staff who continue to look up to her. 

It was a touching occasion as Liotta’s admirers and coworkers remembered the late actor’s extraordinary skills and contributions to the entertainment business. One of Liotta’s most significant performances was his portrayal of Henry Hill in the critically acclaimed Martin Scorsese film Goodfellas.

“Thank you so much, Dad, for this rain,” Karsen joked on a wet and frigid Los Angeles day prior to reading a letter from Goodfellas filmmaker Martin Scorsese commemorating Liotta’s performance in the movie and his talents as an actor.

In the letter, Scorsese praised Liotta’s acting talent and his stellar performance in Goodfellas, earning critical acclaim and establishing himself as a versatile actor in Hollywood.  

Liotta’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame commemorates his legacy as an actor and the impact he had on the film industry. His performances continue to inspire aspiring actors and entertain audiences around the world. 

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Reminiscing Liotta

Afterward, Karsen offered her own honors, stating, “I’m so touched to be accepting this honor on behalf of my dad. I couldn’t be more proud of him. He was a one-of-a-kind actor and the best friend, brother, and father anyone could have asked for. I lucked out with you.”

She ended, “If you have a Ray in your life, you’re lucky. I love you so much. Thank you for your work and the imprint you left on me and all of those who love you. Everyone deserves a Ray in their life.”

Liotta’s posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was not only a moment of remembrance for the actor but also an occasion for his colleagues to reflect on the time they spent with him.

Colleagues Bid Goodbye

Actor Taron Egerton, who played Liotta’s son in the miniseries Black Bird, delivered a heartfelt speech at the ceremony. Although Egerton did not know Liotta for long, he said the time they spent together was “very important” to him.

Egerton shared how he was initially intimidated by Liotta when they first met but quickly learned that the actor’s greatest strength was his vulnerability and tenderness. According to Egerton, it was this side of Liotta that he first saw when they started filming Black Bird.

“When I first met Ray, I was, frankly, a bit scared of him,” he said, adding that one thing “that made him so extraordinary to watch was his unparalleled capacity for vulnerability and tenderness. It was this side of himself he first showed me when I stepped on the set of Black Bird to play his son two years ago.”

The young actor went on to say that his scenes with Liotta in Black Bird were the “best acting of my career” and that he owed that achievement to Liotta. He described the late actor as a rare artist who brought all of himself into his work, including his intensity, vulnerability, and love.

Egerton concluded his speech by saying that Liotta was the epitome of an actor’s actor who made everyone around him better.

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Directors Pay Tribute

Director Elizabeth Banks, who directed Liotta in Cocaine Bear, also paid tribute to the actor at the ceremony. Banks and Liotta first worked together on the 2011 film The Details, and she said she always admired his acting but also found him charming and mischievous.

Banks said that while Liotta was known for playing tough guys on screen, she saw a different side of him when they worked together. She added that Liotta’s charm and mischievousness made him interesting as both an actor and a man and made him the perfect fit for his role in Cocaine Bear.

She added, “When any actor of Ray’s caliber puts trust in you as a director, it’s a gift. But Ray gave me so much more… Ray’s respect for me as a director, as his boss on set, meant everything to me, because if you can direct Henry Hill, you can do f—ing anything in this town. I am very grateful Ray Liotta blessed my life, because I will carry the confidence he gave me forever.”

Cocaine Bear is currently in theaters. 

The Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony honoring Ray Liotta was an emotional tribute to an actor who touched the lives of many through his work. His colleagues and fans will continue to remember him for his incredible talent and the impact he had on the film industry.

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