Jean Payen’s Journey To Disprove Negative Criticisms and Pursue Dream To Become An Actor And Influencer


Despite having been told discouraging comments at a very young age, rising actor and model Jean Payen only chooses to remember them so that he can fuel his passion and drive to reach his goals. While hurtful, the young artist has found a way to use them to motivate him to push harder, never give up, and strive to become a big name in the entertainment and fashion industries someday.

Even at his young age, Jean Payen understands that it is only a matter of time before he finally gets his big break. Confident that he is making significant connections and admirable performances in every project, his name will one day become easily recognizable. At the moment, he is focused on maintaining physically and mentally fit to get ready for opportunities that may come his way anytime. With sheer determination, a positive attitude, hard work, and sacrifice, he knows that he will make it.

“I was told at a young age that I wouldn’t amount to much and I’m showing little by little every day that the negativity given toward me was misplaced because I’m putting it in the work needed to become successful and achieve the goals I’ve set for myself. Understand that there will be sacrifices you have to make, but if you’re really passionate about what you’re doing, you’ll see that the eventual reward for your sacrifice will outweigh the sacrifices you had to make,” Jean Payen explains.

While it may take some time before Jean Payen can land bigger roles in a TV series or film, the New York-based actor is hopeful that he just needs to wait for the right timing to grab the opportunity when it presents itself.

“I would say the recent COVID-19 pandemic also really opened my eyes to where I was at and that I wasn’t really doing all that I could to get myself out there so I knew I had to change that. I got myself in better shape during the pandemic and when I had achieved that, I knew it was time to get myself out there,” Jean Payen shares.

The 24-year-old actor has been part of acting projects in shows for CBS, NBC, and Investigative Discovery. While waiting for a bigger break to be recognized as a respectable actor in the industry, Jean Payen is a brand ambassador for several brands that include BriBottle, Loyal Fitness, Krusaders, and Habits 365.

In a couple of years, Jean Payen sees himself having expanded his network enough to connect him with the right people who can help him sign bigger projects both in his modelling and acting careers. While growing one’s connections can be challenging, he believes that this is not utterly impossible. With the right attitude, self-confidence, timing, and approach, he knows that he will get noticed by bigger names in the film and fashion industry. In five years, Jean Payen hopes to give back to the people who believed in him significantly and helped him achieve greater feats.

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