Joshua Pollitt: Rising From South Camden to One of Today’s Top Influencers

Since the early age of six, Joshua Pollitt has been traveling the world. Such experiences make it seem as if he has done it all and seen it all. Nonetheless, Joshua remains as enthusiastic about life as a kid riding planes and fearlessly crossing the vast Atlantic.

Joshua Pollitt is one of the most notable entrepreneurs today, named one of Yahoo’s 10 Most Influential People 2020. He is a real jack of all trades and the founder of the internationally read platform, East Coast Magazine. The company is a thriving digital media platform covering stories on business, news, sports, and many more. East Coast Magazine sheds light on topics from the east coast to the rest of the world.

Joshua Pollitt grew up in Camden, New Jersey. Despite having to go through difficult circumstances and challenges in his community, he rose as a living inspiration. Today, the 31-year-old life coach and entrepreneur revealed breakthroughs most people of similar backgrounds would deem impossible. 

Joshua Pollitt is no stranger to living in an environment with violence, crimes, and drugs. For this reason, the entrepreneur is making continuous efforts to reach out to the deepest boroughs in large cities. As he said, “It’s the people that hail from these specific places that have less resources but have all of the courage and strength to achieve anything in the world.” Knowing how hard it is to overcome debilitating hurdles, especially the impact which has been bestowed on one’s confidence, makes him motivated to share his story and empower people who have been  undergoing what he has already conquered.

After rising out of poverty, Joshua Pollitt has defied all odds. At first glance, his success may not be more than glowing words on paper. Just like the ancient civilization of Rome, which wasn’t built overnight, the strong and unique perspective of Joshua wasn’t built overnight either. As mentioned above, Joshua has been traveling across the vast world since the age of six. That was a benefit of being a part of an after-school program called the Urban Promise Ministries in South Camden off of Broadway, right across the way from where he grew up as a child. Because of the program, he has been fortunate enough to take spring break trips and weekends in places such as in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada,  Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, USA, and the list goes on.

For Joshua, traveling has very much broadened his worldview as well as opened his eyes to multiple possibilities. Of all the places he has been to, through, Joshua has a particular liking for New York City, saying the Big Apple is his #1 choice of all. As truth is stranger than fiction, Joshua finds Baltimore, Maryland, falling into the number #2 choice of all cities in the USA. Exploring the world has also made him realize that every day, people are presented with various choices. To Joshua, he believes that “life’s a voyage and we must take heed or become stranded like a survivor on an island preparing the huge S.O.S. signal in the sand for help.”

Joshua Pollitt has always been a  brave individual, and with that, many of his choices have been done with action and authority. This goes to show that one must always take several leaps of faith to emerge victorious in life. Furthermore, he reminds people that patience and perseverance is the key to stay motivated. According to Joshua, it may take 10, 15, or even 20 years until our visual art—life’s calling, is reached. The important thing to know is that dreamers should always be able to answer life’s calling.

In the meantime, Joshua Pollitt is being productive with writing his first e-book entitled  You Are Potential in Human Form, aiming to help others by sharing his narrative. “I know that  my e-book will help others first realize a major problem that most people face when trying to become established in the world today,” said the author. “Once we can realize our untapped potential, we will have a clear vision of our life’s work,” he also added, hoping that his e-book would empower readers across the globe to maximize and reach their full capacity.

Joshua Pollitt graduated from the Mansfield University of Pennsylvania. He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Communications.

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