Navahcia Edwards on Bad Choices Even Good People Can Make


One’s life depends on the decisions he or she makes, but there are times that young people make bad decisions without realizing the gravity and the extent that the impacts of that decision will cause. Navahcia Edwards was infamous for a particular peculiar high-profile case in 2011: a bank robbery done in nun masks.

People love to talk, but the talks of people living law-abiding lives are not as impressive. As such, the story kept being blown up, and nobody cared about who Navahcia Edwards was before the incident. The fact that she had never been to jail or in trouble with the law before that, or that she became an outstanding member of society after, are not of interest like the incident was.

The event had her incarcerated for multiple offenses: conspiracy to commit bank robbery, bank robbery, and embezzlement. Serving five years and ten months in the Federal Bureau of Prisons allowed her a good chunk of time to contemplate her life choices and ask herself: what does Navahcia Edwards want out of life? 

Somewhere along the line, she realized that she had many significant life experiences, being an abused foster child, a homeless girl who had been violated, and a woman who has been incarcerated for poorly-thought-out decisions. Navahcia then decided that the future she wanted was one where she can draw on her experiences to help foster children and women and empower them to take control of their lives as she did.

“Don’t judge someone just because they sin differently than you,” goes a quote, and it is right by the fact that people judge as if they have done no wrong in life. There are many misconceptions about Navahcia Edwards and who she is as a person, but the time has come for her to finally clear things up and rebuild the credibility of her name.

At 16 years old, she decided to run away from her foster group home to get away from the physical, verbal, and sexual abuse she experienced. Running away from the Department of Children and Family Services inevitably meant a shortage of cash to fund her daily living. At the time, she sold an explicit digital content of herself to an associate to augment her funds. This associate betrayed her trust and uploaded these content to the internet for perverts and pedophiles to abuse.

It was not until two years later that she discovered that breach of trust, and she had a tremendous amount of difficulty coping with the fact. Especially given that everything posted on the internet is there forever, she worried about this leak’s long-time implications. She had been cheated, and she later sought legal help to remedy this injustice.

These anecdotes of her life in foster care, after running away, and the robbery are only a few of the many hardships that Navahcia faced in her life. As a strong woman with an iron will, these events may knock her down, but she will keep getting back stronger than ever. 

Today, Navahcia Edwards is a fashionista, writer, consultant, survivor, and the proud owner of multiple businesses with three books in the works. These books will feature her life, to serve as inspiration and motivation that one’s past mistakes does not define what she can become. Learn more about her and her life through joyful and turbulent times by visiting her website. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram for updates, or send an email to

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