New Vegan Luxury Clothing Line, Giulia & Romeo, is Focused on Saving The Animals and The Planet, and Making Us Look Good Doing It

New Vegan Luxury Clothing Line, Giulia & Romeo, is Focused on Saving The Animals and The Planet, and Making Us Look Good Doing It
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In the realm of high fashion, the quest for luxury items that resonate with one’s deeply held values can often feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. However, a transformative shift is underway, spearheaded by Giulia & Romeo—a groundbreaking, female-founded brand that is poised to redefine the very essence of ethical luxury.

At the helm of Giulia & Romeo stands Daniela Brunner, not merely a designer, but a visionary with a steadfast commitment to combating animal cruelty. She articulates, “This endeavor transcends fashion—it’s a global endeavor for the voiceless animals.” With unwavering determination, Brunner has imbued every facet of Giulia & Romeo’s journey with a profound sense of purpose, ensuring that the brand’s success serves as a beacon of hope for those in need. A remarkable aspect of this commitment is the pledge to allocate 100% of the brand’s profits towards supporting animal welfare initiatives—a heartening demonstration of Brunner’s dedication to championing the rights of those who cannot advocate for themselves.

Central to the identity of Giulia & Romeo is its unwavering dedication to veganism and sustainability—a philosophy that resonates through every meticulously crafted piece. From exquisite maxi dresses to impeccably tailored pants, sophisticated shoes, and elegant accessories, the brand offers a comprehensive range of luxury items that are entirely free from animal exploitation. Moreover, Giulia & Romeo’s unwavering focus on sustainable practices ensures that each creation is crafted with the utmost care for the planet, utilizing eco-conscious sourcing and manufacturing methods that minimize environmental impact without compromising on style or quality.

In essence, Giulia & Romeo represents a paradigm shift in the world of luxury fashion—a testament to the transformative power of conscious consumerism. With Daniela Brunner’s visionary leadership guiding the way, the brand stands poised to inspire a new generation of fashion enthusiasts to embrace a lifestyle that is not only stylish but also socially and environmentally responsible. In a world where every purchase holds the potential to make a difference, Giulia & Romeo offers a compelling vision of luxury that transcends the superficial, inviting consumers to align their choices with their values and become catalysts for positive change. Giulia and Romeo has been marked as one of the first completely vegan designer brands.

New Vegan Luxury Clothing Line, Giulia & Romeo, is Focused on Saving The Animals and The Planet, and Making Us Look Good Doing It
Photo Courtesy: JOPR

Brunner founded Giulia & Romeo in 2018, after the birth of her son Romeo. Brunner’s sense of perception in the fashion world changed with the birth of her son. Last year Brunner gave birth to her twin children, one of which she’s named Giulia. She set out to fill a gap she saw in the market. She felt fashion was missing a sustainable, animal cruelty-free line that still felt luxurious and exclusive. She wanted to create something stylish yet still environmentally friendly. 

Now, the brand donates 100% of its profits to animal protection organizations.

Brunner describes the disheartening feeling she gets while envisioning the suffering animals face daily to produce items we eat, use, and wear. She believes the choice to help suffering animals should extend beyond what you put in your body to what you put on your body. 

Brunner’s top three personal values are “Integrity, consciousness, and ethics” and her collections certainly align with these. She says “With passion as the driving force and compassion as the guiding light, this remarkable venture set out to redefine not just fashion but the very essence of giving back to those in need. In a world where style and compassion rarely coexist, my journey in creating “Giulia & Romeo” seeks to make a profound impact, one stylish and cruelty-free step at a time.”

Giulia and Romeo, aka G&R frequently posts inspiring information on its social media platforms urging followers to respect animals. Brunner even shares her experiences rescuing various animals from bunnies to sheep. 

She describes her choice to start the brand “The main spark behind this extraordinary endeavor was a personal quest for stylish, cruelty-free fashion that seemed elusive in the market. With a resolute desire to fill this void and create something truly exceptional, the idea of curating a unique collection for everyone, not just myself, began to take shape.

Giulia & Romeo collections are handcrafted in Germany and never mass-produced. Most products are limited edition and the collections are even delivered in an environmentally sustainable manner. 

Giulia & Romeo also places significant importance on responsible manufacturing processes, collaborating with small tailors. The brand engages with manufacturers who uphold fair labor practices and prioritize the welfare of workers, ensuring transparency and ethical treatment of every individual involved in their production process, while simultaneously valuing the health of the planet during the production of its items.

Brunner says the vision of the brand “Seeks to illustrate the seamless fusion of chic, high-end fashion with a conscience. We’re devoted to creating alluring, sustainable pieces that eschew cruelty in all its forms. As we embody the change we yearn to see in the world, we’re demonstrating that responsible and glamorous fashion can coexist beautifully.”

Daniela Brunner boasts respect and reverence for our planet and the ways she can elect to show appreciation. Her fashion brand is a testament to her commitment, even being supported by those like Pamela Anderson. The hoodie worn by Anderson aligns perfectly with her long-standing advocacy for animal rights. The message being presented load and clear that Pamela stands firm in her belief for better environmental practices.

The brand has been recognized and rewarded by PETA, one of the biggest animal rights organizations,  with the Fashion Award. The PETA fashion award celebrates the labels, style icons, and forward-thinking, animal-friendly designers that have made big statements for animals in 2023– rewarding brands such as Versace, Canada Goose, Kylie Jenner, etc. The award marks a glowing achievement for Brunner and her innovative brand.

Giulia & Romeo currently only produces women’s fashion but is set to release a men’s line soon. 

The brand’s items are priced at the luxury end of the spectrum to preserve their ability to act sustainably and care for the environment. 

Shop the line here or learn more about Daniela Brunner here


Published By: Aize Perez

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