Plus-Size Supermodel Tricia Campbell Reinvents Plus-Size Fashion with Explosive Swimwear Line

Tricia modeling in her swimwear line,

Photo by : Rick Jones photography 

Swimsuit style: African Doll

The establishment and the introduction of plus-size apparel to the public have been a significant development in fashion history. Ms. Tricia Campbell, an avid plus-size model and advocate, is once more taking the industry by storm by further advancing the otherwise conventional frontiers of style via her swimwear apparel, Glamour Glamour Swimwear.

Fashion, known to be the prevailing trend in dress or behavior at a particular time, alludes to more than creative freedom and style. It is an outlet of self-expression, oftentimes even confidence and positivity made manifest in one’s clothing. It has come a long way since the past century, and many find themselves hard at work trying to transform it, Tricia Campbell being one of them.

A native of Montego Bay, Jamaica, Ms. Campbell is currently an accomplished plus-size supermodel, motivator, entrepreneur, and trailblazer. Now known to be an acclaimed figure and image of optimism and confidence, she has spent the better half of her life being the voice of encouragement for women all over the globe. She is also Oprah’s stand-in model for the O Magazine cover photoshoot and has been featured in various publications such as Essence and Glamour.

Ms. Tricia Campbell once endeavored to participate in the Miss Jamaica Pageant at the tender age of fifteen years old, but was later turned down for “not being enough.” At that moment, her size became the single most apparent attribute of hers, which was subject to constant ridicule and mockery. The cutthroat industry took its toll on Ms. Campbell, and she eventually struggled to regain her footing. 

It was not until a few years ago, when her mother died of colon cancer, did she learn the true meaning of beauty. That unique though it may be, in essence, it is more than meets the eye. True beauty must begin internally if one wants any chance of embodying it externally. For years, Tricia Campbell has had to shoulder the burden of feeling inadequate, but through constant prayer and the guidance of her spiritual healers and life coaches, she ultimately found herself again.

What sets her brand, Glamour Glamour Swimwear, apart from others, is the driving force behind it: faith and trust in God. It was through adversity that she learned to rely on Him totally and without restraint. She can sympathize with all the plus-size women out there, simply because she lives that experience herself. In fact, she created the private Facebook group, Confidence Queens, for that very purpose. Here, women of all races and ethnicities are encouraged to embrace their inner confidence and beauty and share it with the world.

At present, Ms. Campbell lives in New Jersey and is the proud owner of Glamour Glamour Swimwear, a line with bold and colorful pieces for plus-size women. Her vision has come a long way since, and she is on her way to fully realize her dream of empowering and strengthening women on a global scale. 

To know more about Ms. Tricia Campbell, visit her Facebook and Instagram account.