Ponahalo Mojapelo on Adidas’ latest campaign and South African street culture

Image Commercially Licensed from: DepositPhotos
Image Commercially Licensed from: DepositPhotos

Adidas has long been renowned for its capacity to relate to and represent the various street culture subcultures. In an effort to uphold this philosophy, the international sportswear company recently collaborated with three South African creatives to present its newest footwear designs in an especially South African setting. 

Supermodel and fashion icon Ponahalo Mojapelo, artist “President ya Straata” aka Focalistic, and football culture expert “kasiflavour” Kabelo Kungwane all appeared in the advertisement.

The cooperation honored both the contribution Adidas footwear has made to the development of South African street culture and the regional subcultures that have had a significant influence on it. The three creatives were the ideal choice to highlight the brand’s most recent looks and pay homage to the subcultures they represent because they each have their own distinctive perspectives.

The campaign served as a helpful reminder to Mojapelo, who has collaborated with renowned designers like Thebe Magugu, that being distinctive is essential for success. She pointed out that the campaign showed that with dedication and hard work, anything is possible. 

She found great meaning in the message, and she believes that it would encourage others to challenge themselves and aim high.

The Amapiano musician Focalistic, whose company is known for its commitment to the neighborhood, agreed with Mojapelo. The campaign, in his eyes, was a celebration of the richness and vitality of South African street culture. He mentioned that one of the things that made the relationship so appealing to him was the brand’s capacity to relate to the regional subcultures.

The expert on football culture Kabelo Kungwane also emphasized the significance of recognizing the variety and depth of South African street culture. He mentioned how Adidas has consistently appealed to young people and reflected their own viewpoints. 

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Adidas Perfect Representation

The campaign was a perfect representation of this connection, showcasing the brand’s ability to adapt to the ever-changing street culture and remain relevant.

The Adidas campaign featuring three South African creatives was a celebration of the brand’s ability to connect with local subcultures and pay homage to their role in street culture. The campaign was a reminder that being unique and pushing boundaries is the key to success, and that dreams are achievable with hard work. 

The collaboration showcased the diversity and richness of South African street culture, and the role that Adidas footwear has played in its evolution. It was a celebration of local creatives who are considered game-changers in their respective fields, and a testament to Adidas’ commitment to staying true to its roots.

For Mojapelo, a supermodel and fashion darling known for her work with top designers like Thebe Magugu, the campaign was about celebrating individuality and the power of pursuing one’s dreams. 

She notes that being unique has helped her push boundaries and reach for the stars, and sees the campaign as an opportunity to inspire others to do the same. By showcasing local creatives who are considered game-changers in their respective fields, Adidas is sending a message of empowerment and possibility to its customers.

Focalistic, an Amapiano musician who raps in the local language known as “Spitori,” resonated with the campaign because of its community-oriented focus. 

He notes that his success is due in large part to the support of his community, who have been with him from the beginning and continue to be his biggest supporters. For Focalistic, the campaign is a way to celebrate the culture and language that he holds dear, while also connecting with others who share his passion.

Kungwane, a football culture specialist, finds inspiration and support within the football community. He notes that the shared love of the game creates a sense of camaraderie and connection that transcends differences in background or culture. 

For Kungwane, the campaign is a way to celebrate the ways in which sports can bring people together and create a sense of belonging and unity.

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Ponahalo Mojapelo

Mojapelo is a South African supermodel and fashion darling known for her bold style and distinctive look. Born and raised in Pretoria, Mojapelo began her career in the fashion industry as a model before transitioning into a career as a stylist and creative director.

Mojapelo’s unique sense of style has garnered her a large following on social media, where she regularly shares images of her bold, eclectic outfits. Her style is often described as a mix of high fashion and streetwear, with a focus on bright colors, bold patterns, and statement accessories.

Mojapelo’s work as a stylist and creative director has also been widely praised, with many noting her ability to push boundaries and challenge conventional ideas of beauty and fashion. She has worked with some of South Africa’s top designers, including Thebe Magugu, and has been featured in numerous fashion publications both in South Africa and internationally.

In addition to her work in the fashion industry, Mojapelo is also an advocate for diversity and inclusivity, using her platform to speak out about issues related to race, gender, and representation. 

She has been vocal about the need for greater diversity in the fashion industry, calling for more representation of people of color, plus-size models, and other underrepresented groups.

Mojapelo is a creative force to be reckoned with, using her distinctive style and keen eye for fashion to push boundaries and inspire others. Her commitment to diversity and inclusivity has made her a role model for many, and her work as a stylist and creative director has helped to shape the fashion industry in South Africa and beyond. 

As she continues to push boundaries and break new ground, Mojapelo is sure to remain a major force in the world of fashion and style. 

Photo: Unsplash