Sara D. Bell Creates Music Waves with Cultural Hip-Hop Twist


Setting forth from various careers of being an artist, musician, and modeling, Chadian-born Central African artist Sara D. Bell is turning her passion into reality flawlessly. This is all by virtue of her multitude of talents and outlook in life. Without a doubt, Sara is taking the world by storm her way, and everybody has been craving for more.

Sara D. Bell is sculpting her road to success and sharing her artistic style, all while influencing her passions to the world. For a woman born and raised in a landlocked country, Sara reached greater heights in following her call of destiny. This results in her undying will to explore her capabilities and the world. With her past hardships in life, she uses this as a drive to generate original compositions full of true to life experiences.

One can say Sara D. Bell is known for her many hats. And while her talents are folded into one soul, Sara earns continuous respect and admiration for how she uses her visibility for good. In this era, where society dictates how one must look, Sara chooses to stand out. Sara D. Bell showcases her striking persona in 2013 as a multi-faceted model, singer, artist, and performer with her exotic beauty. With such vast potential, the developing artist ventures on making sure everything she does is done with professionalism and determination. Today, she expresses herself in various ways, but most especially in writing music and hopes to help others as she does so.

Sara has set her image in the public eye with her exotic yet unique looks as a runway, print, and high fashion model. This resulted in offers to fashion shows from Paris to New York. What is more is her numerous projects with photographers all around Europe, Africa, South, and North America. Additionally, in 2019 Sara D. Bell was crowned Miss Fashion Globe and represented the Runway Crown during the calendar year proudly. 

With her experiences, Sara D. Bell has mastered facing all cameras, may it be as a model or even as an actress. Notably, Sara was also the female lead in the film “Destin Caché” (Hidden Destiny), which she co-produced with Blaise Christian Sitchet.

Recently, the artist focuses on creating music for all audiences. As a singer and songwriter, Sara enjoys and finds motivation in new challenges and projects. Hers is a real passion for doing things that inspire others and motivate everyone to enjoy every minute of their lives. Sara is also the author of pop songs, including the party anthem “Shake Boom Boom” and the romantic and soulful “Guém Yan” — “Promise of Love,” written in Sara’s native Ngambaye language.

As a musical artist, Sara D. Bell catches the crowd’s attention with her solitude and influences. Sara is known to be one of the few populations of Chadians working in the United States. Back in her roots, Sara grew up singing church hymns and local African tunes and rhythms from her native Ngambaye cultures. As she got older, Sara got a taste of western music. Particularly, Sara was exposed to hip-hop and R&B as she took part in an African dance company working for the French Cultural Center. Thus, Sara’s music is a mixture of western-style dance and funk music, with more traditional African rhythms, influences, and lyrics. Her songs are written in 3 different languages, namely English, French, and Ngambaye, which is why those looking for songs with a cultural twist will love.

Her music career is a fruit of the artist’s pursuit of her dreams. Even with limitations coming from a small town, Sara D. Bell continues to follow her long-life dream. “Since I was very young, I have always felt a strong sense of purpose and destiny in my life,” she says. Sara adds, “I have learned and experienced so much in my relatively short life, and I try to share and communicate those experiences through my music and my art.”

Sara D. Bell’s music is currently streaming and available online. Get updates on Sara’s songs by visiting her Youtube channel.

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