The Esoteric Collection Allows Artists to Reach Their Full Potential


In any aspect of art, one could argue that the most difficult aspect of creating a livelihood out of a passion is establishing a presence in the industry. A strong network is necessary to help an artist generate exposure and, subsequently, prospective buyers of their work. The Esoteric Collection is a resource collective for artists with a mission of creating better opportunities for artists.

The Esoteric Collection was founded by philanthropist and art enthusiast Aaron Von Ossko with the vision of creating more opportunities for artists to flourish in their craft. With collaborations, partnerships, and the numerous shows it has been involved in, the collective has opened up more doors than the artists could have done alone in a given time frame.

Aaron Von Ossko’s love for the arts is deeply rooted in his childhood, as he leaped into art to escape his cruel reality in a physically, emotionally, and abusive household. In adulthood, he courageously decided to find freedom and purpose as he walked away from his estranged father and the auto dealership chain he was forcing upon him. This decision brought liberation and a wealth of fulfillment as he took off with his vision of building a career out of art, and thus, the Esoteric Collection came to life.

While the art enthusiast laments the troubled childhood he was cursed with, his character is built like steel thanks to it. Perhaps it would be more apt to say that his character is built like a diamond after the pressures he had gone through—a brilliant and unbreakable rarity, and he is bringing that brilliance to help artists grow into their full potential.

Given the nature of how its list of affiliates grows, it would be more accurate to refer to the Esoteric Collection as a limited collective. It is not just a matter of money or business; instead, there is a genuine connection that exists before artists are welcomed into the collective. The collective is not just a resource—instead, it also serves as a social support system that enables artists to thrive in the proper environment.

“The artists have chosen me and I have chosen them, that’s why it’s a family,” the founder once said in an interview. He considers himself extremely blessed in the connections he has created with artists with diverse styles and backgrounds. In spending time with each of the artists and learning more about their backstory, he gains a deeper understanding of their troubles and becomes more invested in helping them grow.

Currently, the Esoteric Collection is home to more than a hundred works of art from artists striving to strengthen the art community. With its partnership with the Los Angeles PR agency, Muse Publishing, the collective has been making itself known in printed media. It has published top influencers, models, and artists in several well-known magazines with the list including Maxim, FHM, and Playboy.

The Esoteric Collection continues to create opportunities to cultivate their affiliate artists through shows, galleries, and exhibitions, and with Aaron Von Ossko always at the top of his game when it comes to supporting artists, they are given the best opportunity to grow and prosper. 

Learn more about the Esoteric Collection on this website.

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