The Weeknd Halts SoFi Stadium Show After Losing Voice

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The Weeknd out of nowhere halted his second Los Angeles show on Saturday – it was a sold-out show – following his loss of voice.

The musician, originally known as Abel Tesfaye, paused the show at SoFi Stadium about four tracks into his set to apologize to attendees for the sudden turn of events.

“This is killing me,” he said. “I don’t want to stop the show, but I can’t give you the concert that I want to give you right now.” 

He added, “I’m going to make sure everybody’s good, get your money back, and I’ll do a show real soon for you guys, but I wanted to come out and personally apologize and not tweet it or Instagram it.

“I wanted you guys to know that I can’t give you what I want to give you. I apologize. I’m so sorry. I love you guys so much.” 

In a statement posted to Twitter later that night, the musician claimed he was “devastated.”

“My voice went out during the first song, and I’m devastated,” the apologetic artist said, “Felt it go, and my heart stopped. My deepest apologies to my fans here.” 

The Weeknd has promised to catch up with his fans soon with a new date.

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SoFi Mass Crowd Release

One concert-goer said there was chaos after the cancellation, highlighting that SoFi staff rushed to the mass exit earlier than expected.

The Weeknd started the first concert at the SoFi Stadium on Friday, the newest leg of his After Hours Til Dawn Tour. The first night in Los Angeles gave an appearance from his Idol co-actor Lili-Rose Depp, who presented the singer while in character, referring to the weekend as his character’s name, Tedros. 

“I’ve had a tough year, and there were moments where I didn’t know I was going to make it,” Depp stated, per Billboard reports. 

“But then I thought of you and your grace. Tonight is incredibly special, because I have the opportunity to introduce you to the love of my life – the man who pulled me through the darkest hours and into the light. Tedros, will you please join us?” 

The following dates for the tour will be at Toronto’s Rogers Centre on September 22 and 23.

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