Vogue’s Edward Enninful Sets Record Straight on Job Rumors

Edward Enninful

Finally, British Vogue editor-in-chief Edward Enninful addresses rumors about his position. He is thought to be the next editor of Vogue, according to rumors. Anna Wintour currently holds the position.

“Everybody focuses on American Vogue. Everybody wants to know what I’m doing. But I would like to tell you that I don’t want Anna’s job. I’ve spoken to her about it a few weeks ago,” he stated in an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour in London on Monday. 

Rumors about Wintour’s possible departure have been circulating from fashion week to fashion week. But she, along with Vogue’s parent company Condé Nast, continues to kill rumors.

Enninful said that if he were asked to spearhead American Vogue, he would say, “Not today.”

In addition, he has repeatedly stated that Wintour does not want to leave office anytime soon. He added that he discussed the issue during Paris Fashion Week in October.

Since acquiring the post in UK Vogue in 2017, Enninful has received positive feedback for featuring more diverse magazine covers. Today, he is also Condé Nast’s European editorial director.

“I can really do better in the world than maybe I can on one magazine,” Enninful added. 

The editor-in-chief has dealt more intensively with the youth culture title i-D Mag. At the age of 18, he became a fashion director. Also, for his contribution to diversity in the fashion industry, in 2016 he received an OBE.

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Enninful Still Encounters Racism

Enninful was born and raised in Ghana but migrated to the UK in the 1980s. He has openly shared his personal encounters with racism in the industry for several years. 

In addition, he experienced racial profiling at Vogue headquarters in London in 2020. A security guard asked him to enter the headquarters through the loading bay instead of the main entrance. 

“It just goes to show that sometimes it doesn’t matter what you’ve achieved in the course of your life. The first thing that some people will judge you on is the color of your skin,” he shared his two cents on social media at the time. 

More of these similar encounters are revealed in Enninful’s latest memoir, A Visible Man. He has recently worked hard to promote the piece while appearing at the Spring-Summer 2023 fashion show throughout New York, London, Paris, and Milan. 

While Enninful clarified his non-interest in the American Vogue, the doors remain open to the possibilities. 

The Ghanaian editor acknowledged that during his tour of the book all over the world, he realized he “can really do better in the world than maybe I can on one magazine.” 

When asked whether he’d remain in his current roles, Enninful answered in the most showbiz way. 

“Well, we’re working on that right now; we’re working it all out right now. But I know whatever I do will be very creative because that’s my strength,” he said.

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