WYF Creates a Culture of Positivity with Fun Clothing


People will forever remember 2020 as the year that the world fell to its knees in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even as economies start to recover, staying positive can be challenging. Amid the harsh realities, business closures, mental health issues, and other concerns, husband and wife team, Mark and Emily Bold, hope to alleviate hopelessness through a fun fashion brand. They are sparking a movement ruled by positivity. 

Before the pandemic, Mark and Emily were two entrepreneurs that felt the crisis’s brutal effects. Fortunately, Emily’s business would survive the economic shutdown. Mark’s would not. But even as the couple got back on their feet, they refused to let the tragedy turn them negative. The couple instead started their e-commerce business called WYF, which stands for “What’s Your Fantasy?”

WYF is more than a clothing store. Their mission stems from both altruism and community engagement. The brand exists to help create positivity and strengthen social interaction. What’s Your Fantasy sports a collection of apparel, clothing, and accessories that carry colorful tones and avant-garde designs. The e-commerce features eye-catching products, including a wide range of clothing for both ladies and gentlemen, accessories from water bottles to phone cases, and of course, the symbol of 2020: the WYF face mask. 

Apart from providing loud designs through fashion, the WYF brand aims to be a conversation starter. The idea first came to Mark and Emily after noticing the toll the pandemic took on their community. As safety measures started stripping many of more common social joys, such as public gatherings and events, the Bold couple conceptualized how to get people talking about their dreams, fantasies, and aspirations. 

Behind What’s Your Fantasy is the overarching belief that everyone has a fantasy, whether it relates to their careers, finances, relationships, health, or appearance. Mark believes that those fantasies spark happiness and positivity in others. He fantasized about a business idea that would help him bounce back from losing his business and would serve a cause in the process. The resounding idea was to start WYF. Emily joined the team, and the rest was history.

Today, WYF continues to increase in popularity and has gained a strong following since its early beginnings. Mark Bold hopes to turn the acronym WYF into a commonly used statement in the future. “We’re hoping it will become its own acronym, just like WTF,” he explains.

As Mark and Emily Bold continue to bring more positivity and social interactions through their brand, they have also started expanding into the coaching realm. The couple has already received invitations from organizations all over the nation and will begin traveling to spread their message of hope and new beginnings to others.

WYF also hopes to build a non-profit organization for adults and families who need help getting back on track. Learn more about WYF by visiting the brand’s website and Facebook page.

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