3500 Wrath Records Launches EP and Is Skyrocketing to the Top of the Charts


3500 Wrath Records has been on a constant streak all year, building off of the momentum from the project dropped during the last quarter of 2020, MBE is looking to take a top spot in 2021. The 6 song EP titled “The 3500 Sopranos” brought to you by MBE a.k.a 3500 Wrath Records is a dazzling listening experience. With long time rap veteran Ken$hii Blakk executive producing the creative decisions across the project, we expected nothing short of legendary. 

The high-quality production shimmers throughout the EP never letting off the gas, while expanding the reach of the music. It is not easy to describe the level of mastery displayed in such a short project. With songs like “Fly $hit” and “Wrath Cypher” there is something on this tape for everybody. 

MBE stands for Mic Breakers Empire, and this is a name that you are going to get used to hearing in the Hip-Hop world. New York-based creatives and entrepreneurs taking the music industry by storm. The current climate is extremely competitive, and I do not see that letting up any time soon. Luckily 3500 Wrath Records is ready for the grind and has shown dedication to their personal growth time and time again.

Stream the album on Spotify.

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