Bar Talk Series: A Docuseries That Captures Authentic Conversations Of Two Friends in New York City

Bar Talk
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In a world where most of our interactions are online, what does it mean to have a real conversation? What do people actually talk about when they get together? Look no farther than Bar Talk Series, an ongoing documentary project created by Andrew Mullen and Mauricio González-Aranda.  The goal, they say, is to rekindle community and social  dialogue  by capturing the authentic conversations that take place between everyday New Yorkers. A portrait of the city, through all its walks of life, in a casual tone.

Each week, the two filmmakers invite a new pair of guests to sit down at the bar and have a chat like they normally would on a night out. 

The conversations–there are thirty-six so far–are fascinating in their sincerity. They are the opposite of most content you’ll encounter these days:  relaxed, unhurried, and full of real life. “We decided this was a medium that didn’t really exist,” said the creators. “An archive of the day-to-day frustrations, dreams, and conspiratorial musings that make the city sizzle with life.”

At its heart, Bar Talk Series is about bringing oxygen back to  conversation and community. In a world where political polarization, a global pandemic, and remote work have taken their toll on our sense of togetherness, the show serves as a reminder of the importance of real human connection. “Maybe we’re all a little more honest,” said Mullen, “a little more curious and open, when we get together with friends and imbibe.”

The concept behind the show came to Mullen and González-Aranda on a night out of their own. They were at a bar, talking about work and books and where they thought their lives were headed; their conversation felt special to them. They started wondering about the similar moments others might be sharing at bars across the city. The next day, Bar Talk was born.

If you live in New York, the show’s doors are open to you. Mullen and González-Aranda  are always looking for new kinds of guests to feature, new opinions, new perspectives, new life experiences. “We’ve got no plans of stopping any time soon,” said González-Aranda. “We don’t know where the goal posts are. It could just as easily be 100 episodes or 1,000. The effect of the show is cumulative, and we want, above all, to create a representative cross-section of the city, at this very specific moment in time.”

“We try to exert as little control over the show as possible,” added Mullen. “Where the conversation goes, from the tone to the dynamic to the subject matter, it’s all in the hands of our guests. All we want is to create a space for real people to have real conversations, with time on their side. There’s something really beautiful about that. And it’s a privilege to listen.”

You can follow Bar Talk Series on Instagram, TikTok and Patreon. The full episodes are available on both  YouTube and Spotify. And if you’re interested in coming on the show, feel free to fill out the guest form on their website:

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