Benda World Talks Jamie Foxx, New Record Deal, and Releasing New Music

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Marc “Benda World” Boyd, the dynamic force behind Benda World, has recently been in the limelight for an exciting new record deal and the release of his latest song. This Chicago native has been making waves in the music industry with his undeniable talent, passion, and hard work.

A product of a musically rich upbringing in Wicker Park, Chicago, Benda World’s journey in music has been nothing short of incredible. Recently, he found himself with a record deal from Add Ventures Music, a testament to the relationship he nurtured with Chris Gotti over the years. The deal’s origin is an interesting tale, rooted in his time spent hosting the Murder Inc Story Q&A alongside Chris Gotti. During this period, he learned about the intricacies of the music industry and even orchestrated a surprise appearance by the legendary Jaz-O, who’s responsible for introducing Jay Z to Irv Gotti. This experience sparked a desire to return to his musical roots, leading to a candid discussion with Chris and, subsequently, the record deal.

With a brand-new record deal in his arsenal, Benda has also announced the release of his latest song, ‘In My Life.’ A blend of R&B and rap, this love song was birthed in 2008 when Benda was an independent artist. Collaborating with DJ Citi and the then up-and-coming producer Geniusboy, Benda created a masterpiece that took a while to perfect, particularly the elusive third verse. The song, brimming with emotion, is now available for listeners to enjoy on all platforms.
Benda World’s discography is a beautiful canvas of his life, experiences, and raw passion, each track a brushstroke depicting the pains and joys behind the mind of a deeply creative soul; the potent fusion of R&B and rap in ‘In My Life’ is a testament to his ability to channel his experiences into melodies that touch the soul.

With Mother’s Day approaching, Benda remembers a fond moment from the 2018 BET Awards hosted by Jamie Foxx. During the show, Jamie Foxx sang Anita Baker’s hit song “Giving You the Best That I Got,” which reminded Benda of the numerous times that his mother played Anita Baker in his childhood home while facing adversity from raising him as a single parent. The overwhelming emotions that Benda felt during the Anita Baker tribute were all captured on national television for the entire world to see. His mother was especially enamored to witness her son revel in that special moment on national television. This moment captivated the hearts of so many other people around the world as well and quickly enhanced Benda’s personal brand. Recently, Benda was saddened to hear about Jamie Foxx’s current health scare and sends well wishes and continued prayers towards Foxx’s full and speedy recovery. 

Benda’s journey is a testament to the adage that talent, coupled with passion and hard work, breeds success. As the driving force of Benda World LLC, he continues to inspire and influence many with his music. With a new record deal, the release of ‘In My Life,’ and more, it’s clear that his musical journey is just getting started. The world can look forward to more soulful music and exciting ventures from this talented individual.

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