Breezy Bankz Is the Rising Music Sensation Born to Take the Afrobeat Industry by Storm

Driven by his dedication to his African roots, rising music sensation Breezy Bankz incorporates the beauty of African beats into his musical endeavors, showing the world a unique take on the Afrobeat genre. He now emerges as a rising music sensation taking the industry by storm as he gives his listeners catchy melodies, impressive lyricism, and an overall peek into the rich culture of Africa through the power of music.

Breezy Bankz, whose real name is Alpha Diallo, is an Afrobeat singer and songwriter based in New York City. Born to West African parents, he was raised in Conakry, Guinea, before moving to the United States at 12 years old. As a child, he became in touch with his passion for music at an early age, listening and dancing to upbeat sounds such as hits by famous R&B singer Chris Brown. Aside from American music genres, much of his musical interest stems from growing up around Afrobeat and Nigerian music, especially artists such as 2baba, Timaya, PSquare, and more. 

While Breezy’s excitement to start his music career went over and beyond, his parents did not share the same sentiments with him. They were doubtful about his dream, worried that making it to the music industry might be close to impossible. But despite the lack of support, Breezy Bankz was persistent in chasing after his vision. Giving up his ultimate goal was not an option for this musician. 

Today, Breezy Bankz is making a significant name for himself in the Afrobeat industry, taking over various music-streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and YouTube. He is also a rising personality on social media with over 17,000 followers on Instagram. On YouTube, his hit song “Assurance (God)” amassed over 54,000 in just a few months. The track was followed by another hit single, “Blessed,” which has gained over 21,000 views for its music video. 

Breezy showcases traditional Afrobeat but tops off each track with modern-day R&B vibes. He produces the perfect mix of various genres while showcasing rich African culture. Over the years, he has developed an impressive talent in songwriting and rapping, on top of his singing skills. 

For Breezy Bankz, he is dedicated to using his gift in music to inspire others and make a difference in the world. Through his songs, he hopes to spark a massive change in the world, bridging the inequalities faced by African communities in the US and everywhere else. 

In the future, he hopes to take his musical endeavors to the next level, performing in arenas and touring the world as an international music artist. Indeed, Breezy Bankz has a bright future ahead of him in the music industry. With the amount of traction he has gained over time, it would be no surprise if this upcoming Afrobeat sensation today will be topping the charts tomorrow.

To know more about Breezy Bankz and his music, please visit his official Instagram. You may also check out his music on YouTube.

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