Chevel Nelson, Poet and Author of LGBTQ+ Novel, on Becoming A Voice for Creativity and Inclusivity

Chevel Nelson
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Chevel Nelson is an accomplished poet and author based in New York, whose works are known for their poignant storytelling and characterization. With a passion for writing, the critically-acclaimed author has won awards for her poetry and co-wrote and published two poetry books. 

Chevel’s love for poetry has always been her safe space and her outlet for expression. However, it was her love of telling stories that led her to shift from poetry to writing fiction novels.

Chevel believes that every story deserves to be heard and that everyone has a story to tell. Her latest book, My Gay Ain’t Happy, is about characters who have gone through difficulties and persevered, with a focus on LGBTQ+ individuals. What began as a story centered around two characters, Diane and Patrick, soon grew to an ensemble of thirteen personalities navigating the waters of life on the queer side. 

The novel unfolds into a deeply humanizing and empathic tale of companionship and connection, with Chevel’s signature storytelling creating characters that are relatable and leaves the reader feeling vested in their stories.

“I have felt bare before. Stripped to my core,” she shares. “I did this while being a full-time employee, full-time wife, full-time mother, daughter, sister and friend.” 

The roles she plays in her own personal life reflect the nuances of her characters, but it’s simply more than that; Chevel unearths long-held fears and holds them up to the light of day. Chevel’s inspiration for storytelling comes from her own experiences and struggles. Pulling from years of experience, Chevel knows the challenges that come with balancing responsibilities.

Chevel Nelson
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“What I realized in the process is that I am more than confident and qualified. All I had to do was just start. The first step is just to start. Start somewhere, anywhere.”

Her advice to readers who desire success is to find joy and make it their mission. For Chevel, success means waking up every day and having the opportunity to do new things.

Despite the glittering reviews for her published works, Chevel remains dedicated to her pursuit of creative writing. Looking to the future, Chevel plans to keep writing as long as she has stories to tell. The author is currently working on a short story book that may turn into a series, with each character having their own book. In addition, she has three books ready to go and waiting to be written.

With her style of no-nonsense prose, Chevel’s writing speaks to her passion for storytelling and the power of words. A dedicated reader herself, Chevel describes her motivations for creative writing as a simple matter of wanting to bring to life the same things that she enjoys reading. “No filters, no fluff,” Chevel describes.

Plans and future novels aside, readers and fiction lovers are excited about what the author has next in store. Chevel’s debut novel is an exciting foray into the creative world, and she stands as a new voice for queer people across the globe.

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