Danny Sanchez’s Guide to Flower Symbolism and Sentiment

Danny Sanchez's Guide to Flower Symbolism and Sentiment
Photo Courtesy: Danny Sanchez

Flowers are nature’s delightful gift to humanity, symbolizing many emotions and sentiments. Whether you’re celebrating a joyous occasion or offering condolences, the right choice of flowers can effectively convey your message.

That’s why flower arrangements at events should be paid attention to. Hosts must ensure that their flower decor reflects the theme of their events. They must use flowers that symbolize certain aspects that complement the vibe of the gathering.

And not just for decor. Even when you’re gifting flowers to someone, make sure the flowers you choose convey your wishes precisely. Since every flower has a special meaning, a careful selection is important.

Many people may not be familiar with what different flowers represent. That’s where florists can help. Danny Sanchez, a seasoned florist and the CEO of South Florals Group, highlights, “A florist’s job is not just to sell flowers. Instead, it’s about selling the right flowers according to the customer’s needs. A florist must educate their customers and guide them in buying the flowers that match the message they aim to convey.”

Considered a tech-driven industry leader, Danny has been in the floral business for around seventeen years. Alongside his business partner, Sam Noriega, he has grown South Florals Group from scratch to one of the leading floral firms in the Florida region. Consequently, the success has led Danny to be featured on SFBJ’s 40 under 40 list. 

So, returning to the flowers, from birthdays to weddings and graduations to funerals, the right flowers can elevate an event’s aesthetic. They can also convey your unspoken sentiments, being delivered in the form of a bouquet. And, to help customers select the perfect bloom for their situation, here’s a guide curated by Danny Sanchez himself.

Romantic Occasions

Roses: Roses are the quintessential symbol of love and romance. However, they don’t always have to be red. Pink roses are perfect for expressing gratitude and affection toward your significant other. Similarly, White Roses symbolize purity and innocence, ideal for new relationships or as an expression of everlasting love.

Tulips: With their graceful shape and vibrant colors, tulips are another popular choice for romantic occasions. In addition to popular red and pink tulips, purple tulips can be perfect for expressing admiration and adoration toward your loved one. Orange tulips, too, can convey excitement and passion in romantic gestures.

Celebrations and Festivities

Lilies: Lilies are versatile flowers that add elegance and charm to any celebration. Alongside white lilies, Asiatic Lilies, symbolizing celebration and joy, are a good choice for birthdays, graduations, and other festive occasions. Oriental Lilies, in contrast, symbolize abundance and prosperity, making them an excellent choice for celebrating milestones and achievements.

Gerbera Daisies: Bright, bold, and cheerful, gerbera daisies can add a flaring pop of color to any occasion. Yellow Gerbera Daisies, symbolizing happiness and friendship, look  for celebrating joyful events such as birthdays and graduations. On the other hand, Orange Gerbera Daisies add warmth and energy to festive arrangements, making them ideal for celebrations and parties.

Sympathy and Condolences

Lilies: Lilies are also commonly used to express sympathy and condolences. Peace lilies are a good option in this regard. Their elegant white blooms and lush green foliage make them a thoughtful choice for expressing condolences and offering comfort to grieving individuals and families. Spider lilies, symbolizing mourning and remembrance, can be offered to honor the memory of a loved one.

Chrysanthemums: Chrysanthemums are commonly associated with funeral traditions and expressions of sympathy. In addition to white and red chrysanthemums, bronze chrysanthemums convey resilience and support during difficult times. Similarly, purple chrysanthemums convey heartfelt condolences, making them a meaningful choice for funeral arrangements.

In the end, when selecting flowers for any occasion, consider the recipient’s preferences, cultural significance, and the message you want to convey. A thoughtful choice of blooms can enhance the sentiment behind your gesture and create lasting memories for both the giver and the receiver. With expert advice from seasoned florists like Danny Sanchez, let flowers speak the language of your heart.


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