Esteemed Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Agam Pandit Is Making the World a Better Place, One Step at a Time

Agam Pandit is one of the top young influentials around the world. The world of business is full of shakers and movers who are influencing the industry and creating success for many individuals. However, there are also a few business people who have taken it upon themselves to not just accumulate personal wealth and success but rather impact the world in a meaningful way. Agam Pandit is one such entrepreneur, cultivating his influence and using it for the betterment of our society.

Agam Pandit has built his legacy as a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist and former Indian Cricket player that people can always count on, especially when it comes to his investments and philanthropy. He was a member of the Junior Indian Cricket Team that won the World Cup in 1966, at the mecca of cricket, Lords, England. He also played for the India A Cricket Team, the national cricket team representing India, during the 2005 Tr-Series against Pakistan and Sri Lanka at Abu Dhabi. He was eventually chosen by the Australia Cricket Board for special training in Australia, then played professionally for several years in the UK.

As he retired from Cricket, Agam Pandit discovered a newfound passion for business. His business investments often involve strategic and new developments that promote clean and renewable energy. He is best known for his business acumen and fresh ideas that contribute greatly to growing economies around the world. 

After accomplishing his postgraduate studies, Agam Pandit worked at Barkley’s Bank PLC, India, for a couple of years. Throughout his banking career, he handled retail assets, sales, and commercial banking. His breadth of experiences in the banking industry has allowed him to become adept at banking, finance, and marketing, allowing him to handle the wealth and investment management of major projects in various industries such as infrastructure, real estate, loan, and equity finance. 

Through the years, Agam Pandit was able to build confidential investor relationships and started working with international companies. Nowadays, the seasoned entrepreneur focuses most of his efforts on his philanthropic efforts. He is the director of the Lead India Foundation USA, an organization formed by India’s ex-president and aerospace scientist Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. 

Agam Pandit has spearheaded various projects that have positively impacted youth development, women empowerment, and sustainable energy. Despite his busy schedule and countless responsibilities, he makes time to volunteer for the Navjyoti Global Arm, which is managed by Dr. Kiran Bedi, the governor of Pondicherry, India. 

Among his many accomplishments, Agam Pandit has also supported the Navjyoti India Foundation’s various fundraising initiatives to make sure that the foundation achieves its goals. During his free time, he also volunteers at the Old Age Home in London. 

Agam Pandit has been recognized by former US presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump for his contributions to various noble causes. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Dr. Kiran Bedi, and Abu Dhabi King Sheikh Nayan have also expressed their gratitude to Agam Pandit.

Furthering his philanthropism, he is also a passionate supporter of UN initiatives, including clean, renewable energy and energy access projects. Agam Pandit is currently the global brand ambassador of PUREPrana, a nanotechnology-enabled air sterilizer and respirator. 

In spite of his young age, Agam Pandit has already accomplished so much. He hopes to continue providing his assistance and contributions for the greater good in the many years to come. Agam Pandit is a beacon of light in these trying times. He hopes to inspire many more people to be influenced by his actions and follow suit. 

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