From Everyday to Getaway: Modular and 3-in-1 Bag The Hop Bag to Meet the Needs of Everyday Users and Travelers

2022 has seen people from all walks of life gradually embrace the new normal and adapt to a life forever marked by the outbreak of COVID-19. Hobbies that were previously put on hold because of the pandemic are now being pursued once again, and activities that were taken off people’s to-do lists are back on the table. Traveling, among many others, was placed on the back burner. Still, with restrictions easing up, millions of jet setters and travelers are currently hopping from state to state and one country to another. All too aware of the countless individuals who are on the road and would love a comfortable, hassle-free trip while at it, the Canada-based startup behind The Hop Bag has made it their mission to create a bag that does it all and then some. 

Combining aesthetics and utility, The Hop Bag is a modular, environmentally-friendly bag designed with today’s young working professionals and frequent travelers in mind. It was conceptualized by a dedicated team of designers, whose all-out efforts stem from the desire to not only offer an item that meets the needs of a wide range of people but deliver one that stands out from the rest of what’s already on the shelves. “We didn’t want to make just another bag,” they added. “We wanted to make one that was versatile, functional, and chic.”

Fueled by the vision of producing a bag that can be modified as needed and allows people to quickly hop on their next flight without carrying around different pieces of luggage, the venture reached out to over 1500 travelers in the hopes of gaining a deeper understanding of what folks who live life on the go need. Needless to say, the team got one clear answer: the market wants a modular, multi-purpose bag that promises durability, comfort, and utility. 

In September, a Kickstarter campaign was launched for The Hop Bag. In just five days, the campaign was fully funded, which isn’t surprising, considering the appealing features that this 3-in-1 bag boasts. Made of environment-friendly materials, it can be carried in more than twelve ways and turned into a laptop sleeve, laptop bag, and a soft suitcase. Its eighteen pockets allow for neat organization and safekeeping of even the smallest items.

Apart from quick access pockets, The Hop Bag also comes hand in hand with an insulated pocket that keeps an ice pack cool for three hours, as well as a USB cord pass-through, detachable and padded shoulder straps, insulated pockets for medications, a space for an umbrella or water bottle, a two-way luggage loop, three separator zips, plush metal fittings, and soft handles. 

Currently, The Hop Bag comes in a quilted black color and in black and brown. Its vegan leather material was an intentional choice that aligns with the startup’s environmental commitments. “The vegan leather material used to make the bag is environment and animal-friendly,” they shared. “Made of natural substances, this material is produced with minimum carbon emissions and water wastage.”

The Hop Bag is available for orders on Kickstarter today, and it’s already piquing the interest of countless young professionals and travelers. As it finally hits the market, the 3-in-1 bag is emerging as a crowd favorite quickly. 

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