From Me To You: A Powerful Tool for Teaching Children About Slavery and African Diaspora

From Me To You
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From Me To You, authored by Deidra Moore, is a groundbreaking book that addresses the topic of slavery and African diaspora in a way that is both sensitive and age-appropriate for children. This illustrated book is based on a real-life conversation between Moore and her young son, where she explains the complexities of slavery and racism in a way that respects the intelligence of young readers.

Captivating in its pursuit of truthful storytelling, From Me To You takes us through an emotionally impactful experience. The narration in the book feels especially tender in the way it presents information through a story-like way. References that feel deeply personal are transformed into an experience that is uniquely shared (“All we will need are our cozy blankets, our pillows, the world map over there, and our book of pictures”).

Moore begins the book with a basic geography lesson, followed by a discussion on slavery, its history in the United States, and how enslaved people resisted captivity. The book then delves into the experiences of Black people in America and around the world, including the Civil War, Reconstruction, Jim Crow, and the civil rights movement.

From Me To You also includes profiles of almost a dozen prominent historical figures, as well as contemporary Black role models. Moore’s colorful illustrations, along with historical photos and excerpts from primary and secondary historical sources, provide a holistic picture of Africans and African Americans.

Moore’s book is a valuable resource for parents, teachers, and anyone interested in teaching children about the complexities of slavery and African diaspora. The book is aimed at slightly older children, with prose narrative and advanced vocabulary, making it an excellent tool for classrooms, libraries, or home bookshelves.

Deidra Moore, World Growth Forums’ 2022 Person of the Year and an advocate for change, established her own firm in 2004 after working as a public defender with The Legal Aid Society in Bronx County. In 2020, she set out on a journey to educate as many youth as possible about the value of investing in themselves and learning about their history. From Me To You is the result of her vision and faith. 

From Me To You is now available on bookshelves within New York Public Libraries and is being used as a resource at an independent school in New York. Moore’s book has been embraced and supported both globally and locally, and continues to develop its priceless value in the lives of our younger generations, particularly people of color living within and outside the country.

The book is a powerful tool for storytelling and history. Moore’s sensitive and age-appropriate approach to this complex topic is sure to resonate with readers, making it a must-have resource for parents, teachers, and anyone interested in educating the next generation.

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