From Portugal to London: Bruna Sampaio’s Theatrical Odyssey

Bruna Sampaio
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Nestled within Portugal’s northern charm, Guimarães is a city renowned as the cradle of the nation. But for Bruna Sampaio, it was the cradle of dreams. This historical haven, replete with its iconic castle and sumptuous gastronomy, molded Bruna’s childhood into a canvas of magical experiences, nurturing her innate passion for the performing arts, particularly ballet.

Under the esteemed umbrella of the Royal Academy of Dance, young Bruna’s flair for ballet became evident. Her diligence and talent began drawing attention from London’s performing elites, stoking her interest in the city’s renowned theatre scene.

By her teenage years, theatre had captivated Bruna’s heart, leading her at 17 to bid farewell to Guimarães’ comforts and venture to London, pursuing Theatre Arts. Memories of yuletide plays she’d directed as a child, coupled with the unwavering belief of her drama teacher, fueled this bold move.

Bruna’s ascent in the arts wasn’t just the result of her indomitable spirit; her family played a pivotal role. Her parents, advocates for chasing dreams over traditional pursuits, and her elder brother, a beacon in a different field, provided unwavering support. Her mentors in dance, English, and drama also fortified her journey, recognizing and honing her raw potential.

Bruna Sampaio
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In London, Bruna’s artistry shone bright, epitomized by her portrayal of a 1930s mobster in “Arturo Ui.” Although initially intimidated, Bruna metamorphosed into her male character, marking it as a career highlight. Amusingly, Bruna once believed mastering an American accent was the golden ticket to stardom, only to later revel in the charm of her authentic voice.

Recent endeavors have seen Bruna weaving magic in sci-fi plays “Endings” and “Coordinates,” while also dipping her toes into the world of filmmaking.

For those seeking a footprint in the arts, Bruna’s experiences translate into invaluable advice. She emphasizes the importance of welcoming rejection, viewing each audition as a triumph, and immersing oneself deeply into the chosen craft. Meditation, movement, an impressive portfolio, and the spirit of collaboration are, according to her, the pillars of artistic success.

Bruna Sampaio
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“Never stop learning,” Bruna often reiterates, a mantra she believes has been the compass of her journey. Every experience, she insists, can unfurl new avenues and enrich an artist’s repertoire.

A fierce advocate for kindness, Bruna envisions a future where compassion reigns supreme. As her journey unfolds, she fondly hopes to meet her muse, Selena Gomez, reflecting on success’s gentler nuances.

Bruna Sampaio’s inspiring journey, from Portugal’s enchanting alleys to London’s illustrious stages, can be traced on her website and Instagram. Those eager to partake in her odyssey can find her at or on Instagram @brunalisasampaio.

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