Kicking Inflation’s Ass

 Growth Despite a Down Market and How to Crush Growth Goals During Uncertainty. 

Fort Collins, Colorado, June 27, 2022 – Gaining website views is based upon an algorithm that is designed to bring the best content to the front of a user’s search page. For small businesses competing with massive corporations, this seems an impossible task. Especially when the market seems to keep turning from bad to worse. With an inflation rate of 8.6%, the largest increase since 1981, small businesses are feeling the squeeze.

Capitalizing on your marketing strategy is more crucial than ever.  Expert digital visibility solutions are key to creating an impactful brand identity that brings in lasting client engagement. “Having the best content in your niche will elevate your brand and help you grow,” said Jahna Eichel, CEO of The Creative Agency. Creating brand awareness doesn’t have to mean pay-per-click advertising. The clients that come from search engine results pages are often the ones that spend the most and are the most loyal. Your website needs to be prepped for the best search engine optimization practices of 2022 and to us, that means our proprietary blend of artificial intelligence and onsite customization.

More millionaires are created in a down market than at any other time. For your business to thrive you have to keep moving as if you are not being impacted by a change in consumer spending. If you are serious about the growth of your business and your brand, you will keep investing in what it takes to make it visible to the public. Your next customer is waiting,” 

Jahna Eichel, CEO, and Founder of The Creative Agency is a growth expert and industry-leading strategist. As a digital media powerhouse, The Creative Agency understands servicing its clients means constant collaboration and attention to detail.



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