Kisha Hodges: The Lady with Witty Jokes

Kisha Hodges The Lady with Witty Jokes
Photo Courtesy: Kisha Hodges

A good sense of humor is like a gift that keeps on giving. Let’s be honest: we all adore that friend who can crack us up. While different for everyone, humor adds a delightful spark to our days. Stand-up comedy shows are one way to sprinkle humor into our lives, and they’re becoming more popular as undiscovered talents step into the spotlight.

Fans of a good laugh flock to these shows, sometimes even traveling across cities just to catch their favorite comedian in action. One such comedian is Kisha Hodges, mainly known as Lady Bombay, an emerging talent for her realistic comedy. 

Back when there were no televisions, people watched comedy shows in theaters. Soon after the advent of television, these shows were broadcast. With social media, everyone now has access to the shows of multiple stand-up comedians. There is no need to buy tickets to enjoy a favorite comedian; people can simply subscribe to their social accounts and enjoy their shows online. 

Lady Bombay uses her social media accounts to express her humorous nature. Her content is mainly for adults and explores racism and discrimination black people face. She addresses various social problems by adding sarcasm and wit. Her shows are primarily for adults. 

Stand-up comedians like Kisha offer growth to the industry and are good at involving their audience because of their humor. For Kisha, comedy is not just her hobby but her way of life. It defines her personality and is an integral part of her identity. It defines the purpose of her life: to make people laugh.

For her, comedy isn’t about making money but connecting with people and making them laugh. While comedy is about making people laugh for every comedian, Kisha’s motivation is entirely different. She sees it beyond mere shows. Even when she wasn’t a comedian, she would make people around her laugh. 

She understands the importance of making people laugh. Responsibilities and constant worries surround people everywhere. However, we can make someone’s day by giving them a reason to laugh momentarily. Isn’t it better to be a reason for someone’s relief? Therefore, Kisha primarily focuses on keeping people happy.

Kisha’s comedy journey wasn’t easy. Growing up, she faced emotional turmoil. She was a lonely child without a stable family. She was raised by multiple people, including her grandmother, aunt, and mother. Since her biological father already had a family, Kisha was his first child born out of marriage.

Whatever Kisha went through made her dull from within. But hide a drowning man catches at a straw. For her, the straw was comedy. Despite living a difficult life, she still developed a good sense of humor, and not just that, but she also utilized it to brighten the lives of others.

As humans, we all need emotional and moral support. We all look for that Messiah who can stay beside us through difficult times. She understands how it feels since Kisha went through most of it alone. That’s why she decided to be there for others. She was determined to bring others joy, ensuring no one had to face them alone.

It is said that the energy we send into the universe hits us back, too. While people prefer to be around Kisha and enjoy her company, she enjoys it, too. Making others laugh serves as a relief for her, too. It makes her more optimistic, helps her practice gratitude, and allows her to live life to the fullest. For Kisha, it is the Uno reverse. 

She meets new people and resonates with their traumas and struggles. This way, her career as a stand-up comedian also proves therapeutic for her. She improves her outlook on life every time. 

Her cause is a true example of serving humanity. Through her work, she teaches us the value of laughter in our lives, which is often considered tiny but has a significant impact. Though we can not change our fate, we must choose how we respond. It is entirely up to us to feel disheartened or live happily through it.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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