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Beauty, Brains, and Running Thangs, is one way to describe entrepreneur and CEO of Hair So Fancy, Francesca Altes. Originally from Haiti, Francesca now runs her enterprise by way of Flatbush, Brookly, NY where she is making a name for herself as an authority in the retail hair sector. 

Meet Francesca Altes
A woman of strong conviction and faith, Francesco is a diverse and multifaceted business woman with a eye for change.  Francesca’s entrepreneurial odyssey began in 2018, as she started Hair So Fancy, a boutique online luxury hair extensions brand. What began as a boutique luxy hair extension brand has quickly become a resource of self love to thousands of women. 

“The importance of building and maintaining self confidence is often translated in the way a woman feels about their hair”, states Francesca Altes. 

Hair So Fancy offers versatility, luxury, and quality hair at affordable prices which invites all women the look and feel they desire to conquer life challenges. Being prepared is a major element to one’s overall success or failure ; and for so many women, that is where self identity is loss.  Hair So Fancy sells a variety of brands and wigs from tape-ins, sew-ins, wigs, lace frontals, and bundles to empower women with confidence. A woman’s presence should be unforgettable! In addition to luxury hair products, Francesca also offers something for the fellas; beard care through  HSF Beard for Men, the brother company of Hair So Fancy.

 How Francesca Altes Started

With many stories of success, Francesca’s journey to entrepreneurship began by fate.  Growing up, Francesca fought through adversity, by using experiences and heartaches as motivation. In 1998, she began her career as a manage care specialist for Health Plus. It was there where Francesca began grooming her marketing and communication skills which would later play an integral role. From learning medical billing, coding, and terminology, Francsesca excelled at Health Plus, landing her in the role in the Provider Relations Department, which opened the doors to state and local protocols. At the time, Francesca had no idea that all the hard work would pay off down the road, turning her into an unexpected career path.  As fate would have it, Francesca was in a serious car accident which left her on medical leave and unable to continue. It was during this time that Francesca took to her parents’ words and decided to further her education. Francsesca earned a BA in Psychology, followed with a Masters in Education from TESOL. Following graduation, Francesca became a teacher for the New City Department of Education. 

Today, Francesca continues to teach by day, and by night, she is around the clock pushing and promoting her business interest. As the Hair So Fancy brand grows, she keeps everything in perspective by making consistency and goal planning a priority. In addition, Francesca also works for Trendcatch Advertising Company which aligns with her vision as she helps other companies with their brand exposure. 

To, much is received, much has to be given! As Francesca continues on the journey of entreprenuership, she has already began the groundwork of constructing a non-profit organization.  The non-profit organization will provide emotional, mental, social, and academic support to youth in the Flatbush metropolitian area. “Giving back is a true gift of expression that defines true success”, and a “true visionary casts a wide net, which many without the gift could never concieve ”, states Francesca. 

Francesca Altes is definitely a leader and visionary who refuses to be “In The Box”, and the outlook for what she has in store looks bright.

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