Parker Egerton of Parker Physique Is Successfully Transforming Lives Through Fitness

More than transforming the body, fitness also changes the mind and soul of a person. Essentially, fitness is a powerful tool in transforming people’s lives entirely as it reveals their tenacity in achieving goals and aspirations. Parker Egerton of Parker Physique is the rising fitness trainer who has spent years leading a series of life-changing fitness transformations for thousands of people worldwide. Today, he looks back to his unforgettable journey in the fitness world and how he reached the top after years of working for himself. 

Parker Egerton is a certified online fitness trainer making a significant mark in the fitness community today as the visionary founder of Parker Physique. He is deemed one of the world’s top fitness trainers, with over 8,000 clients to date from his website. He has spent eight years serving clients as an online fitness coach, and he has generated a staggering $1,000,000 from his services. 

Prior to establishing Parker Physique, Parker Egerton first worked for Gold’s Gym in Virginia Beach, Virginia, now known as OneLife Fitness, as a personal trainer. After successfully building his network of clients, he was promoted by the company, giving him the position of an assistant fitness director, all the while he continued training his clients. But despite having an increasing number of bookings, which brought in so much positive impact in the company, Parker had a grander vision for himself. He felt undervalued, and he was determined to explore his maximum potential in the fitness arena. “I knew that if I broke it off and did it on my own, with a lot of motivation, I can be successful,” shares the fitness expert. 

With this in mind, he ventured into freelance training at the Virginia Beach gym Houze of Champions. Parker Egerton thrived in freelance training, with his schedules getting fully-booked. Still, he wanted to push his limits in fitness training and decided to turn to the digital space. He launched Parker Physique as the official website for his coaching services and explored social media platforms such as Instagram. Today, he is one of the most trusted fitness influencers online, with over 524,000 followers on Instagram alone. 

At present, he provides clients with various coaching options, including a 4-week, 8-week, and 12-week transformation programs, a couple’s package, nutrition plan, and more. In all programs, Parker Egerton is exceptionally hands-on. “I do each and every client individually. I am not like a lot of the online coaches who have a team of people helping, and the client never actually speaks to who they think they hired,” explains Parker Physique. Moreover, each program is tailored-fit to the individual clients. “I breakdown macronutrients for them. I help teach my clients portion sizes, when to eat their meals, how long to take between meals, what snacks are okay versus which ones to stay away from. I also customize their workout program individually for each client,” he explains. 

Parker Egerton prides himself on playing an essential role in transforming people’s lives through fitness. For this renowned trainer, being able to help people boost their confidence levels and embrace the body they are in is a success story in itself. 

To know more about Parker Physique and his coaching programs, please visit his official website.

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