Rabbi Yakov Dovid Cohen: Championing Peace and Harmony at the 2023 Menorah of Peace Award Ceremony

Rabbi Yakov Dovid Cohen: Championing Peace and Harmony at the 2023 Menorah of Peace Award Ceremony
Photo Credited to: Dr. Sarah Sun Liew

The Institute of Noahide Code’s Milestone Ceremony

A momentous event unfolded at the iconic United Nations Headquarters in New York on December 12, 2023. The Institute of Noahide Code, a United Nations-accredited NGO, hosted its inaugural Menorah of Peace Award ceremony. This event, steeped in deep cultural and spiritual significance, marked a significant stride in promoting global peace, democracy, and harmony.

Rabbi Yakov Dovid Cohen’s Visionary Leadership

The ceremony’s highlight was the presentation of the Menorah of Peace Award by Rabbi Yakov Dovid Cohen. As the leader of the Institute of Noahide Code, Rabbi Cohen’s commitment to advocating for universal rights and freedoms was at the forefront. His dedication to upholding the values of the Universal Noahide Code – accepted and respected across various cultures and religions – underscores his role as a pioneer in fostering global peace and tolerance.

The Institute of Noahide Code INC

The Institute, recognized by the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations, is dedicated to advancing peace and democracy. By promoting the seven laws of the Universal Noahide Code, the Institute aims to enhance its visibility and influence at all societal levels, encouraging a shared commitment to these universal values.

Dr. Sarah Sun Liew: An Embodiment of Unity and Peace

Dr. Sarah Sun Liew, a U.S. Senate candidate, graced the ceremony as the honored recipient of the award. Her commitment to the values of peace and unity, especially as it aligns with the Chanukah festival, added a profound layer to the event. Dr. Liew’s speech, rich with respect for Jewish faith and principles, resonated deeply with the attendees, drawing a parallel between Jewish peace and the broader quest for global harmony.

The Symbolism of the Menorah

The Menorah, a central symbol in the Jewish tradition, represented more than a religious artifact at the ceremony. It stood as a beacon of hope and resilience, echoing the enduring spirit of the Jewish people and their cultural legacy. This symbolism was adeptly woven into the ceremony’s fabric, highlighting the importance of religious freedom and human rights.

The Importance of the Sefer Torah Scroll

Dr. Liew also spoke about the significance of a new Sefer Torah Scroll. This element of Jewish tradition, symbolizing the continuity of teachings and law, bridged ancient heritage with contemporary relevance, underscoring the event’s depth and meaning.

Implications and Forward-Looking Perspectives

The Menorah of Peace Award ceremony, under Rabbi Cohen’s visionary leadership, was more than a one-time event; it represented a beacon of hope and unity in an often-divided world. As a reminder of the power of collective effort in overcoming adversity, this ceremony will be remembered as a landmark in the journey towards global understanding and human rights advocacy.

Contact and Further Information

For more information or to engage with the Institute of Noahide Code, contact Rabbi Yakov Dovid Cohen at RabbiCohen@noahide.com. Discover more about Dr. Sarah Sun Liew and her contributions at www.sarahsenator.org.

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