Straight from Lev Mikulitski’s Journal – How Dealing with Endless Business Challenges Allows You to Create Simple Models of Success in Your Personal Life

Straight from Lev Mikulitski's Journal - How Dealing with Endless Business Challenges Allows You to Create Simple Models of Success in Your Personal Life
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Lev Mikulitski is a distinguished figure in the business world. His extensive experience has enabled him to craft a narrative that enhances the business landscape and serves as a blueprint for personal triumphs. By exploring Mikulitski’s journey, we can identify the recurring models of success that have become the cornerstone of his professional achievements. Remarkably, these models are adaptable to the intricate landscape of personal life, making them a valuable resource for individuals seeking to succeed in their professional and personal endeavors.

Mikulitski’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance, hard work, and strategic thinking. His journey highlights the importance of identifying and leveraging strengths and learning from setbacks and failures. By following Mikulitski’s example, individuals can gain valuable insights into the strategies and tactics that have enabled them to succeed in business.

A Life of Business Challenges

Mikulitski’s journal is a record of a seasoned professional who has successfully navigated the complexities of the business world. He shares his experience dealing with economic downturns and industry disruptions, providing valuable insight into the resilience required for success in an ever-changing environment. Mikulitski sees challenges as opportunities for innovation, growth, and refining his models of success.

Lev’s Educational Background

Lev has a degree in Management and an MBA in Marketing, both earned with honors from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He also has international diplomas from Harvard Business School and London Business School. Lev teaches about Consumer Behavior at Hebrew University and E-M.B.A. classes at Ben Gurion University, where he shares his marketing expertise.

Lev values truth, knowledge, professionalism, and the power of connection. He is quickly becoming a Strategic Business Expert focusing on the future. Lev has transformed many small businesses and has a wealth of insights. He helps his clients and followers turn their dreams into realities. Lev’s journey is always evolving, constantly discovering new, exciting solutions.

Lev is a man of many talents. Along with his professional milestones and publications, he also offers consultation to passionate individuals who strive for excellence. Some niches he provides his expert analysis on are:

Strategic Storytelling

Lev specializes in helping CEOs and their executive teams craft compelling strategic narratives that articulate the true value of their ideas, products, or companies. With a focus on the tech industry, Lev collaborates with pitch and presentation experts with extensive knowledge in the relevant sector. Services include creating impactful presentations for fundraising, sales, marketing, recruiting, and conducting startup boot camps and in-company training. Beyond storytelling, Lev offers corporate identity development, website design, animations, infographics, video production, annual reports, and collateral development.

Growth Strategy

Lev at MIKULITSKI assists leaders in creating a shared vision for the future, navigating disruptive trends, identifying growth opportunities, and aligning leadership. The focus extends to organizational implementation, including resource allocation, prioritizing initiatives, and ensuring stakeholder alignment. MIKULITSKI supports execution by designing new business models, understanding customer needs, implementing metrics, and creating learning programs for business launches.

With a reverse approach to strategy, MIKULITSKI helps executives confidently envision the future, focusing on transformational trends, shared aspirations, and strategic investments. Lev facilitates strategic dialogues to establish a unified view for enduring growth, emphasizing market conditions and the essential needs of tomorrow’s customers.

Building Businesses

MIKULITSKI helps companies of all sizes overcome the challenges of building new businesses, leveraging an entrepreneurial approach and unique strengths. MIKULITSKI identifies high-potential opportunities, swiftly translates market insights into impactful ideas, and optimizes innovation portfolios. The process includes prototyping and piloting ventures with a “test and learn” strategy to minimize risks and uncertainty through an emergent system. The innovation acceleration integrates extensive experience with multinationals, startup investments, and academically grounded principles, providing support through research, analysis, solution design, planning development, workshops, and boot camps.

Lev is currently working on a project called Mr. Who, an educational-developmental brand for children. The project aims to promote the development of soft skills, critical thinking, and creativity through short stories featuring John, the book’s protagonist. You can find more information about this project on the website

Authored Books

Lev Mikulitski has also authored several books focusing on strategic approaches to enhance the lives of everyday people. These include ‘Mind Blast,’ a deep dive into the world of chess thinking and frameworks to apply in everyday life and how to navigate challenges; ‘Sun Tzu in Pajamas,’ which adapts ancient wisdom for modern-day challenges; ‘Deceptive Warfare,’ exploring the art of strategy in overcoming obstacles; and ‘Better Than Money,’ a short guide to building legacy businesses.

In addition, Lev is also involved in managing Mikulitski Creative Ventures Ltd, an American company that owns the “Mr. Who” brand. He is also in a partnership with Mellifex, a UK-based company, and serves as a partner in YieldX, an Israeli startup in agriculture.

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