Tamara La Salle Allen Introduces an Easy Method for Cleaning the Gut and Removing Toxins from the Body

The all-too modern world comes with many pitfalls when it comes to the human body. There are a lot of elements and distractions capable of sending the body’s health into a downward spiral that can be debilitating or fatal. Toxic substances are everywhere, especially in processed and unhealthy food. Colon cancer is the one of the common types of cancer in the United States, and with the right knowledge and precautions, it can be avoided. Seeing all these, Tamara La Salle Allen set to work and now has a cleanser capable of cleansing the gut and maintaining its health.

Tamara’s cleanser, named Cul J 15-day Cleanse, is an effective cleanser that has an easy-to-follow schedule for both adults and children. She established her company, Kings and Queens Nutrition, with Jeremy Allen handling all strategic business strategies and new product development. The Cul J 15-day Cleanse contains eight all-natural ingredients that work together to keep the colon healthy and free from cancer risks. This product is something Tamara is passionate about, and she made sure capsules are available for adults and gummies available for children aged at least five years.

Users of the Cul J 15-day Cleanse should take two pills at night before bedtime, deliberately designed to make it easier for users. The company’s Facebook page has seen users posting rave reviews about the product and how it has worked well for them. Establishing this company was Tamara La Salle Allen’s way of finding her purpose. She chose to share with the world the exact thing that she uses to cleanse her body to ensure that people around the world live happier, healthy lives.

Tamara Allen is all about telling people the truth about their bodies and the impact of the things people consume. The natural ingredients in her products have been tested and proven to work, and it continues to drive organic sales traffic to the product. Tamara recommends taking the pill before going to bed because she believes a great deal of natural healing occurs when the body is in a state of rest. “Sleep is an important part of human life, and adequate sleep is always the first step to waking up. It is best for people to use Cul J 15-day cleanse before they go to bed so their bodies can reap the full benefits of the cleanser alongside the natural healing that occurs when the body is resting.”

Tamara La Salle Allen is working hard to make an impact in the world by ensuring that people maintain a healthy body and clean mind. Tamara is also a highly spiritual person and has on numerous occasions made reference to how a clean body is a tool for openness to God’s will, which prepares the body for divine truth. With Cul J 15-day Cleanser, the world can take a break from any cancerous growth that might result from colon diseases.

Learn more about Tamara La Salle Allen and her brand on the official Facebook page.

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