The Secret to Happiness Is Helping Others

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

The secret to happiness lies in helping others. Evidence suggests that helping others encourages physiological changes in the brain that are linked to happiness. Helping others is the secret to living a life that is not just happier but also healthier, meaningful, and more productive. Several societies worldwide emphasize the importance of helping others. They say helping is important because it helps improve the world’s condition and allows an individual to attain internal peace. Giving connects individuals, creating stronger bonds and even communities. Because of all these reasons, Professor B. Dexterous, known as Pro, opted for a degree in healthcare. His full name is Brion Doyle, but he uses his first name initial ‘B’ and claims Dexterous as his last name because the adjective best describes him.

The sole purpose behind earning a degree in healthcare was to channel his desire to help others. Not only this, but he also decided to pursue Diagnostic Medical Sonography because of his strong skills in science. He is a native of Cleveland, Ohio and is a decorated educator, U.S Air Force veteran, spiritual advisor, community activist, and a USA Amateur Boxing Coach. Pro is skilled in dexterity, attention to detail, critical thinking, judgment, concentration, hand-eye coordination, leadership, flexibility and focus of mind, mathematics, physics, astrology, and anatomy & physiology. Pro is passionate about boxing because these skills can be applied to the sport as well. He aims to Generate Light Outwardly from Within (GLOW).

GLOW is Pro’s own way of helping others. Back when he was in the sixth grade, he remembers becoming a spiritual advisor. Focus/Scope (Microscope Patch) in East Cleveland, Ohio, is the elementary school that Pro went to, and it was a learning center for talented and gifted students who performed at a remarkable level academically compared to other students. One day during his leadership and development class, Pro’s teacher Mr. Stevens happened to assign a task which was to create a presentation on self-esteem. Pro told his classmates how he loved himself and how his family loved him too. Furthermore, Pro described his relationship with God by saying that God loved him the most.

Viewing himself in this way not only made Pro confident and bold, but it also made him a leader amongst leaders. After this event, Pro started advising other students to have a spirit of positivity. This is where his journey as a spiritual advisor began. Now Pro advises educators, students, clergymen, instructors, athletes, and coaches. In addition, he aims to be a spiritual guide for inmates via a prison reform ministry.

There also came a time in Pro’s life when he started getting into fights with guys much older and stronger than he. This was the time in his life where bullying became a big issue for him. This was also when it was difficult for him to focus on his studies as he had to deal with the threat of bullies each day. At this time, Pro’s father got him involved in formal boxing lessons and forced him to fight back as well. Through boxing, Pro learned the art of self-defense, sharpened his focus, enhanced his discipline, and kindled his dormant courage. With time, he learned how it is not so much about the dog’s size, but how it is about the size of the fight in the dog. As Pro’s tactical and technical abilities started developing, he started feeling stronger with time. Soon, he even realized that he was well-equipped to defend himself if his back was against the wall.

According to Pro, the upcoming generation can learn from his example and implement the strategies and techniques he outlines in his YouTube boxing videos. Through boxing, Pro teaches the whole-person concept of significant self-improvement (mind, body, soul). He also teaches how the outside world is reflective of the world that one sees in the mind first. As such, he goes all over the country visiting gyms and inspiring people to G.L.O.W., and transforming into the best version of themself. Pro wishes to be the personification of excellence that the upcoming generation can hear, see, and feel (emotionally).

The thing worth noting about Pro is that helping others was his stepping stone, which later opened up many paths to success for him. By helping others, Pro first became a leader, a spiritual advisor, and then eventually successful in the boxing world.

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