Will Thompson to Start Casting for New Film: Talk to Me

Breaking into the entertainment industry is no easy task, but Will Thompson has proven himself again and again. As a filmmaker, writer, producer, director, and actor, Thompson continues to create powerful stories and connect to his audience. It’s a true feat to be able to direct and act in your own films.

The Oak Park Native has been working in the entertainment industry for some time, but only recently gained well-deserved attention. His work focuses on real-life situations that many people go through, but don’t often talk about. Thompson won an award for his Illuminati script at the Los Angeles Movie Aware Film Festival.

Thompson has been acting since 2009 and is currently the CEO of Urban Visionary Films. He has been credited with roles in Chicago Fire (2014), Murder Chose Me (2017), and the short film Related Destiny which received several awards including Best 1st Time Director at the 2019 Vegas Movie Awards.

Not only is Thompson a great actor, but he is also a jack of all trades. Thompson directed and starred in the 2021 film, Good Intentions which is now streaming on Amazon Prime. The film tells the story of a Chicago police officer who falls back on a life of crime to help his wife during times of financial struggle. Thompson’s work focuses on delivering powerful messages that most audiences can relate to their own lives.

We’ve all seen your standard crime movie, but Good Intentions goes above and beyond with its incredible story. It shows the dark, real side of life instead of glamorizing a false reality. Often times filmmakers don’t want to focus on what’s real, but Thompson brings that to light in all his work.

Good Intentions was well-received, and the community showed support. Even the nearby Starbucks brought the crew coffee every day. To date, it’s Thompson’s largest production and had a team of over 60 people working on it from the initial 200 due to the pandemic. The film had an original release of May 2021, but due to the pandemic, there was a delay.

Currently, Thompson is working on a new self-financed project called Talk to Me. In this film, the filmmaker is focusing on mental health. He will be playing a person struggling with mental health issues such as bipolar disorder and depression.

Mental health is an issue that many people struggle to talk about, and it’s typically depicted in a negative light on the silver screen. Talk to Me aims to focus on the struggles of people dealing with these problems who often feel that they have to hide them. Perhaps the film will resonate with viewers and encourage them to seek the help they need.

If you’re interested in being a part of this project, casting will begin in May. Talk to Me is already in pre-production, and is something people should be excited about. Thompson has a beautiful way of presenting topics that people may not want to talk about in a palatable way that builds a connection.

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