Abigail Hu Creating Spiritual Experiences Through Art

Los Angeles-based oil painter Abigail Hu employs more than creative ventures through her works of art. Followers and critics alike have described her career as a cross into spiritual realms, bringing deeper epiphany levels and discovery to people who witness her work. Through the artist’s work, senses and spirits collide in one intertwined expression, bringing art enthusiasts and collectors everywhere a powerful and new sensation. 

Abigail Spenser Hu is an artist and designer who also dives into writing and business. Born in China, her family would later move to Canada, where Abigail would grow up and discover her innate creative drive and spiritual depth. From a young age, she always had great artistry moments, building on raw talent and polishing and sharpening it into a source of constant inspiration. Abigail’s parents played a significant role in her development, always nurturing her creative impulses. The breakthrough artist would also seek mentorship from other established artists who helped Abigail focus her creative energy. 

With her early exposure and expressiveness that went beyond her age, Abigail Hu would master various platforms and media. Her multi-cultural upbringing also played a large part in the honing of her work. Abigail would take the best of Chinese, Canadian, and American culture and blend them into a spiritual practice that surpassed time and space limits.

Abigail Hu has presented her work in prestigious shows, including at the Miami Basel and Red Dot Art Fair. Apart from her expertise in the fine arts, Abigail is also a singer and songwriter and an author of one book entitled “The Millennials Handbook.” But her work as a painter is what has set her place in the art world. Through her art, Abigail brings her dreams to life, expressing all emotions through colors and strokes. She thrives in the abstract realm, evoking both a shifting reality and the subtle expressions of spiritual dimensions. 

Apart from the fine arts, Abigail also thrives as a fashion and space designer, employing both the whimsy and feminine in her creations. The artist has formed an individualized style that has been the subject of various dialogues, publications, and fashion circles. The artist seeks out collaborations with clients, often working on custom commissioned works in both painting and designed space form, continually communicating and brainstorming with others to develop a result that fits the client’s personality and aspirations.

Abigail Hu also deploys her fluency in the historical traditions of fine art and design, formulating works that align with what she calls the creative continuum. The artist often finds inspiration from various materials, colors, and light, refining the aesthetics into a form of haute couture that brings a feeling of luxury and premium.

Abigail Hu is also an avid travel blogger who uses her YouTube channel to show the world her various ventures and escapades. Currently, her channel has over 23,900 subscribers and over 338,000 views and counting. She takes her multiple experiences and inculcates them into her creative expressions, delivering inspiration with every brushstroke or idea. 

To learn more about Abigail Spenser Hu, visit her Instagram account or YouTube channel.

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