APM Monaco’s Wonderland Rewards Program Gains International Prestige

APM Monaco

Written In Partnership With Kelin Dillon 

Jewelry has been gracing the décolletage of humans for millennia now, spanning from pieces as historic as 115,000-year-old ancient sea shell beads found in coastal Spain to collections as iconic as the British royal family’s $5 billion assortment of crown jewels. In any case, jewelry lovers across the ages have all been presented with a pervasive, frustrating challenge: enjoying the beauty of these tasteful accessories to the fullest while still maintaining the integrity of the pieces themselves for the years ahead.

Given the inherently delicate nature of jewelry, following through on this two-sided approach is no easy feat. Consumers can either wear their chosen jewels with pride while potentially putting them in harm’s way and subjecting the pieces to wear and tear or leave the accessories unworn and safe from damage.

For APM Monaco, one of the world’s most in-demand fashion jewelry brands, this restrictive status quo simply wouldn’t do. Rather than leave its customers between a rock and a hard place, the innovative Monaco-based company instead introduced its one-of-a-kind Wonderland Program to let its beloved clientele “enjoy the moment and protect the future at the same time.”

Fret no more – fears about wear and tear are finally a thing of the past, thanks to APM Monaco’s Wonderland Program. Members of the program are given a full two-year warranty on any APM Monaco products they purchase, coupled with a lifetime’s worth of repairs and professional cleanings to keep your jewels sparkling and in perfect shape for the years to come. 

APM Monaco then takes things up a notch by offering a recycling program, which allows clients to return their no longer desired pieces to APM Monaco stores. Clients will be credited 15% of the original value of their recycled jewelry, redeemable at up to 15% of the value of their next in-store purchase. The brand will then melt down the unwanted jewels and use the materials to create new pieces of jewelry, addressing fast fashion’s waste problem at its roots and offering sustainable alternatives to its legion of loyal customers.

The Wonderland Program’s massive success certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed; the game-changing program was awarded the Le Trophée award at The Forbes Fashion Awards on September 30th in Paris for its efforts in sustainability, capping off the end of Paris fashion week with a well-deserved celebration for APM Monaco’s dedicated team. The brand’s exciting moment was even further elevated by the presence of some of APM Monaco’s dearest ambassadors at the ceremony’s table, including the longtime face of the brand Thylane Blondeau and French model Baptiste Giabiconi.

Both a win for APM Monaco and the future of sustainable fashion, the award-winning APM Monaco Wonderland Program is single-handedly reshaping the way consumers shop, wear, and recycle jewelry – both for the good of the planet and the good of your closet.

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