Celebrity Hair Stylist Shaunda Cass, CEO of Salon Cass Products Climbing Upwards in the Beauty Industry

Salon Cass began in the kitchen of the Cass household, where a 14-year-old Shaunda would braid hair in her mother’s kitchen for friends and family. She fell in love with hairstyling then, particularly in braiding, as she found the rhythmic movements culminating in a beautiful outcome incredibly addicting. This paved the way for her growing interest in hairstyling, and sure enough, in the late 1990s, it would not be unusual to find her hanging out at hair salons. She was like a sponge, absorbing techniques, methods, and styling tools and products; and she would later apply what she learned to whoever was willing to be her guinea pig. 

Whatever style she picked up outside would soon evolve and integrate into her personal style and her reputation as the neighborhood’s skilled local hairdresser would grow and bring her a massive clientele that allowed her to practice new skills and refine existing ones. Two years after she began braiding, she was offered the position of assistant chair in one of Milwaukee’s popular salons.

With an intense passion for hairstyling and the desire to establish a career in it, she decided to earn her professional program by undertaking the Milwaukee Area Technical College’s barber/cosmetology program. Shaunda Cass would pick up a vast array of skills such as finger weaving, hair coloring, haircutting, and hair extensions, and Salon Cass would later be established upon the foundations of her formal cosmetology education.

The upscale salon is located in the heart of downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It has built a reputation as the best salon in the area with over 600 5-star reviews and an appointment book with about a thousand regulars. The years of devoted learning and practicing from sun up ’til sun down bore fruit, and she has now become a prestigious stylist whose skills have graced celebrities, TV news personalities, professional athletes. Shaunda’s rise to professional stardom would bring her the offer to become the lead stylist for celebrity eyewear brand SB Shades and an avant-garde themed show in the New York Fashion Week. 

You can also find her content on YouTube where she posts content about all things hair. Her YouTube channel also allowed her to connect with fans from all over the world generating $300,000 in sales every year. Besides posting on her channel, she also posts on Instagram where she lets her audience in on her daily life, styling techniques, tools, beauty, and more.

Shaunda Cass has been in the styling industry for a significant chunk of her life, and now she is entertaining ideas of stepping back from hands-on hairstyling to explore her other hair-associated endeavors, such as her hair product and hot tools line. With the years of experience integrated into the development processes, Cass Elite Haircare and Silk Master Professional have been rapidly gaining popularity in the hair industry.

Learn more about Shaunda Cass and Salon Cass on her website.

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