Daniel Kivo: A Human Resource Acquisition Expert Changing the Game

A company is nothing without its people—this principle has been fueling businesses over the years. But building a reliable team of competent members does not happen overnight. Recruitment expert Daniel Kivo has been committed to bridging companies with the best names in their industry. Thanks to his vast experiences with over a decade in sales, marketing, recruitment, and human resources, Daniel has become one of the most sought-after consultants for hiring team members, from virtual assistants, professionals to executives.

Daniel Kivo is a strategic talent sourcing expert, dominating the human resource recruitment field for over three years. He holds an outstanding track record for leadership roles, calling the shots behind the scenes for companies to achieve growth and profitability through strategic sourcing initiatives, optimization of return on human resources, and aligning company and individual performances to specific goals and objectives.

Daniel Kivo has worked with industry leaders, both in the local and international scenes. He has developed strategies for the United States Navy, Ace Parking, Link Consulting, and many more. With his inputs, his clients were able to streamline processes better and strategize their corporate ladder to encourage growth, which then contributes to the scalability of their companies.

With a passion and commitment to quality, cost-effective practices, and efficiency, Daniel Kivo has indeed filled a significant gap in the market. His drive, enthusiasm, and initiative are the reasons why high-profile business owners choose to have him on their team.

Although he admitted that his role has not been without challenges, Daniel Kivo shared that his commitment to excellence is far more significant than his obstacles. The recruitment expert works undeniably well even under pressure and remains consistent with delivering results above and beyond what his clients expect him to produce. 

Recently, Daniel Kivo expanded his reach as he helped business owners simplify their processes amid the digital shift. The digital landscape has indeed paved the way for more opportunities, with some even saying that transitioning to digital is the only way to cope with the rapidly-changing times. Hence, this led Daniel to build his company, Hire VA Now, a platform that connects business owners with the best virtual assistants. The company filters talents and provides clients with the top 1% across various niches, including digital marketing, e-commerce, and web development.

The strategic talent sourcing professional has effectively made his system more accessible to clients across the globe through his company. As the world embraces more change by the minute and the global workforce adapting to more unconventional work setups, Daniel is taking the lead at the forefront by connecting companies with team members who will undoubtedly contribute to their success.

Daniel Kivo obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Communication from Vanguard University, Costa Mesa, California. Furthermore, he holds a Master’s degree in Human Resources from Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, California. After graduating from college, Daniel worked with the United States Navy and was stationed in Okinawa as a human resource specialist for four years.To learn more about Daniel Kivo, visit his Instagram and Linkedin profiles.

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