Founder of TOXIK Fashions by WLine Fashions NA, Jerra Kaitlynn Whittaker, Re-enters the Fashion Industry With Innovative Swimwear Designs

In early 2017, Fashion Designer, Professional Model, and Model Coordinator Jerra Kaitlynn Whittaker shelved her design studio and took a long break after suffering a near-fatal pulmonary embolism and heart attack. “Designing is stressful, so I took a break to get healthy and survive that scary moment,” she explained. After the five-year-long break, the fashion icon is back in her atelier with renewed vigor and determination to dominate the runways with her unique designs available for the retail, wholesale, and couture markets. 

Since making her comeback, Jerra has graced the runway for several designers over the past six seasons, her dedication to her craft earning her titles such as “one to watch,” “Lead Model,” the spirited tag as a newly minted “Supermodel.” As part of her rebrand, the fashion designer is set to dominate the industry this summer months with her avant-garde design of swimwear. In addition, she is scheduled to debut a new swimwear line under her fashion brand, TOXIK Fashions by WLine Fashions NA, studio-based in Toledo, Ohio.

The new TOXIK Swim and Resort wear collection will be launched during Miami Swim Week in July, with 20 looks as a sample of the products available to the market to continue the season at New York Fashion Week in September. The new designs will raise the bar for swimwear as it is designed to complement the wearer. As explained by Jerra, “Everyone wears clothing; you just need the clothing that complements you.”

As a fashion designer worth her salt, Jerra ensures to keep a keen eye on the quality and durability of her products. “These two things are paramount in the fashion business. We use quality materials and sources from high-end producers. As an independent, I have total control over quality control and manufacturing. We can scale to meet demand and deadlines in an instant by split source manufacturing and to control the entire process,” she shared. 

While ensuring quality products, Jerra Kaitlynn Whittaker remains environmentally conscious and sources materials from only environmentally efficient and responsible suppliers.  “My company is based on sustainability and carbon footprint reduction across the board. At TOXIK Fashions, the goal is to provide quality products to people that last for years,” says Jerra. She continued, “We provide quality clothing that is not thrown away in five wear cycles like a lot of items are. We are super proud of our ability to meet the market with a professional model of production that exceeds industry expectations.”

The fashion designer aims to expand her company and position it in at least two markets in the coming years. “I see a lot of brands that are so broad in spectrum. So I focus on certain markets to fill voids and capture the money left on the table by the gaps. I would enjoy getting the company positioned solidly in the swim and resort market and also into the boutique markets for high-end products,” says Jerra.

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