How to Achieve the 60s Chic Look With Your Eyewear

Now that one of the biggest fashion eras is making a comeback, we’re seeing more celebrities and stylists investing in new clothes and accessories. Celebrity stylist Candice Lambert says that there were plenty of cool trends to enjoy back in the ‘60s thanks to big fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. They were so influential that even modern-day celebrities like Ariana Grande, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Gigi Hadid have copied their styles to create a contemporary take on 60s fashion.

Though Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O were both well-known for their clothing, the two fashion icons were also known as pioneers of the ‘60s eyewear trends. People started to wear certain eyewear styles because they were featured in famous movies starred by Hepburn and other actors. Meanwhile, other styles became popular because icons like Jackie O or John Lennon often use them. So if you truly want to channel the ‘60s style, here are some tips that can help you find the perfect frames:

Take inspiration from 60s fashion icons

You can master the ‘60s style by investing in eyewear pieces inspired by the decade’s most famous fashion icons.

The luxury brand Bottega Veneta recently brought back the angular aviator style, which became famous in the ‘60s because of activist Gloria Steinem. Steinem was typically seen in her famous tinted aviators while speaking at rallies, causing the style to become a staple among women during that era. If you want something daintier and more affordable, The glasses online from Eyebuydirect feature budget-friendly eyewear inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s frames from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Hepburn wore sunglasses with cat eye frames and a tortoiseshell design for the film, which is why the eyewear style became a must-have accessory for classy ‘60s looks.

How to Achieve the 60s Chic Look With Your Eyewear

Go for glasses with big frames

Speaking of fashion icons, eyewear with big lenses became famous in the ‘60s due to the influence of former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Famous sunglasses wearer Jackie O became the First Lady in 1961, which led to more people paying attention to her outfits. Many people know that Jackie O likes to style her outfits with her signature pillbox hats and pearl necklace, but she is also famous for wearing sunglasses with big, round frames. Many of her chic oversized frames were made by French eyewear brand François Pinton. Though many brands have copied the style of these frames, you can complete your outfit with authentic frames by investing in François Pinton’s Jackie sunglasses.

Look for eyewear with animal prints

Animal prints became popular during the 1960s thanks to the hippie movement.

Hippies initially wore apparel with these prints because they wanted to seem wild and free. However, the popular design was soon featured in luxurious trench coats, rock and roll outfits, and, of course, trendy eyewear during the era. So if you want to copy this style, brands like Celine are helping people achieve the perfect ‘60s look by releasing aviator sunglasses in animal print designs. Fashion brand Guess also released more affordable ‘60s-style sunglasses with big frames and eye-catching animal prints.

How to Achieve the 60s Chic Look With Your Eyewear

Keep it simple with wire-rimmed glasses

If you’re not a fan of flashy animal prints or stand-out frames, you can still copy ‘60s-style outfits by completing your look with wire-rimmed glasses.

Singer-songwriter John Lennon actually wore wire-rimmed glasses because he was extremely myopic. Though Lennon wore a variety of small, round frames, one of the styles he wore was Savile Row’s Panto 45. The brand still creates these small, round frames, so you can still pair them with checked trousers and a black T-shirt whenever you want to copy Lennon’s style. You can also purchase the retro round glasses from Agstum if you want a more budget-friendly option.

You’ll find that several modern eyewear brands are offering retro frames, especially now that more people are reviving the fashion style from the ‘60s. Thanks to these brands, recreating the modern-day version of these retro looks is now easier than ever.

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