Meet Chef Lacey Williams: The Culinary Director Spreading Her Love of Food and Connection

Meet Chef Lacey Williams: The Culinary Director Spreading Her Love of Food and Connection
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Despite the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19, the culinary saga of Chef Lacey Williams unfolded. While missing her home of Jamaica and raising her son Osten, Chef Williams could’ve left the vineyard. However, she took this opportunity to share her Caribbean roots with the island.

Chef Lacey was, in so many words, raised in the kitchen. Coming from a lineage of chefs, she has been equipped to create edible art since she was 11 years old. Her grandmother used to tell her, I’d rather clothe you than feed you. Although children were not always welcomed into the kitchen, Chef Lacey never missed an opportunity to have a meal or try something new. Today, her talents have expanded from cooking and into a full-fledged career as a culinary director. Chef Lacey creates warm, safe environments that encourage people to connect with each other despite their differences.

Starting with a simple yet inviting concept — “comfort food at your door” — Lacey ensured everyone could enjoy delectable meals in the comfort of their home or place of work. Her meal delivery service offered packed boxes of meticulously prepared dishes, which were delivered to businesses in an era where the warmth of indoor or outdoor dining was surely missed. The meals were available to local businesses, laborers and the reduced year-round population. With many hoping to return to a sense of normalcy, Chef Lacey’s impact sped up the transition as news of her mouth-watering dishes spread across the island.

Her extraordinary ability to blend flavors and narrate the rich stories behind each recipe kept people engaged from the appetizer to dessert. Every dish has a story — curating a gallery of her Jamaican roots and the vibrant atmosphere of New York, where she was raised. Her supporters share that the beauty of her cooking lies in the connection to her ancestors and all that they’ve gifted her.

“My milestone celebration with Chef Lacey was amazing. She was thoughtful and patient in helping me plan. My guests could not stop talking about the experience!” — Nyamnz Supporter

Her versatility shines across multiple events ranging from private chef services and culinary consultations to grand events catering to 500 guests; including weddings, open houses and the Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival, executed in partnership with Andscape and Dove, for their on-site activations. Her culinary masterpieces have graced dinner parties, birthdays, yachts and beach-front corporate events, traveling to esteemed locations along the east coast.

Behind the culinary director’s success lies the personal touch she infuses into every recipe. Chef Lacey is fully committed to using locally grown produce and sourced seafood, including lobster, oysters, and fish. Her openness to fresh ideas and clear communication channels allow her to create a unique, creative celebrations. Chef Lacey’s dedication ensures a memorable culinary journey for all involved.

Meet Chef Lacey Williams: The Culinary Director Spreading Her Love of Food and Connection
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Now, as the founder of Nyamnz, pronounced “nyammings,” Lacey continues to share her knowledge and food with all. Ready to explore amazing flavors? Let Lacey be your guide in the exciting world of cooking. She curates an unforgettable experience that will leave you wanting more. Chef Lacey’s goal is to create cherished memories with the outstanding food she offers. customized experience for every event she undertakes. Whether it’s cooking classes or “Cooking, catering and culinary directing for me is like my little Jamaican handkerchief in my back pocket,” Lacey said. “ The food I serve, the community I’ve created is how I keep a little piece of home with me at all times.”

Join Chef Lacey in New York City on November 18 from 7-9 P.M. as she hosts a 5-course Friendsgiving Dinner at Triangle Loft, 675 Hudson St., NYC. The dinner is the curtain call of the exhibit Organized Chaos by Pedro Della Casa. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy a night of good food and good vibes in the Big apple. Visit to book your Caribbean culinary experience today!

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