Multi-Genre Vocalist CMILL444 Welcomes 2021 With the Release of New Album ‘High Off Life’


There is no such thing as starting off slow with the newest cross-genre rapper and vocalist CMILL444 as he welcomes 2021 with a bang and the release of an incredible 17-track freestyle full album. High Off Life combines a variety of styles and genres ranging from R&B and rock to hip-hop to provoke specific emotions and achieve maximum impact as listeners go further down the playlist. The album’s release is accompanied by the release of a preview of the cover music video and other visuals of High Off Life. Both the album and the preview are now live on all streaming platforms.

The cross-genre vocalist began making music as a hobby and began seriously getting into it at age 16, when his style was still predominantly with the Detroit vibes, as is the norm in his hometown of Michigan. He later diverged and began his own lane of music, leaving his hometown to collab with Lil CandyPaint in California and learn more about the nuances of the music industry. CMILL444 is now managed by Thomasmbeats who reached out to him on Instagram and is now guiding him as a musician and helping him build his network.

The artist brings a new wave of music with his unique style and novel sound that catches the audience’s attention. Especially in the bleak times in the current state of society, witnessing positive vibes instead of the typical violence-laden songs is a breath of fresh air. High Off Life is generating buzz with its new sound and groundbreaking tracks, all of which are freestyled in the studio.

“I didn’t write a single lyric down,” the Michigan musician says. “When I enter the studio, I always come in  with a different mindset, different meaning, a different message.” He then plays around with different flow patterns to create new styles inspired by his favorite artists, including Green Day, Paramore, and Lil Wayne.

The ‘444’ in CMILL444 stands for motivation to keep moving forward no matter how tough things get. It is a symbol of the artist’s determination to succeed, and with that kind of value, it will be no time at all until he realizes his dream of establishing a 444EVER music label to support artists with potential.

For now, though, “it’s more than the music—it’s about making a difference,” as he says. He strives to create music and serve as an icon of inspiration for a new generation of music—one that is centered around creating the best version of one’s self—by manifesting the best version of himself in nurturing environments and mental health-boosting meditation practices.

While the cross-genre vocalist’s music is naturally more inclined to the youth, as the closest ones to his age, he appeals to the older generations as well by adding a taste of the original sounds of the past decade in the new style of hip-hop he is bringing. Regardless, he wants people of all cultures and all ages to discover the wonder and beauty of music.Learn more and find out everything a fan needs to know about CMILL444 on his website.

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