Online Yoga School Shares Best Practices When Doing Yoga At Home

Online Yoga School

Yoga soared in popularity during the lockdowns as people sought ways to improve their physical and mental well-being without going outside or spending a fortune in a home gym. Yoga has provided a way for people to stay active in the most space, money, and time-efficient possible. However, as things returned to normal, people started going back out for regular exercises again, thinking it was much better to do physical activities outdoors. This isn’t necessarily true, as home workouts can have positive effects equalling or even exceeding what outdoor activities could provide.

According to a survey, 56% of yoga practitioners consider the home to be the most convenient place to practice. However, the lack of an instructor and the limited space can make it difficult to maintain the correct form and technique, and many practitioners find it difficult to stay motivated and consistent. Additionally, a survey found that nearly half of the people who practice yoga at home, do not feel as comfortable doing certain postures without an instructor. This can increase the risk of injury and can lead to discouragement. Furthermore, it can be hard to stay focused and avoid distractions at home, making it more difficult to reap the full benefits of yoga.

Yoga is a great way to improve physical and mental well-being, and home yoga can help people get into a routine and make the practice a part of their day-to-day lives. Practicing yoga at home can be a convenient and cost-effective way to reap the many benefits of yoga. With the abundance of online resources, tutorials, and streaming classes, those with busy schedules can find a yoga practice that works for them, no matter the time or place. Home practice also gives practitioners the freedom to tailor their practice to their own needs and level of comfort, without the pressure of a class or a studio. With a home practice, practitioners can create a safe space to focus on their mental and physical health without any distractions, allowing for a deeper and more meaningful yoga experience, and with the right preparation and planning, people can make home yoga more effective and enjoyable.

Online Yoga School, the first digital yoga education platform, shares how people can maximize their yoga sessions at home and produce the best results possible.

  1. Dedicate a space for yoga

Distractions at home can get in the way of maximizing yoga sessions at home, and dedicating a specific space to practice is one of the best ways to work around those elements. Having that “place for yoga” at home helps in establishing a routine. This puts the mind and the body in the right disposition for yoga whenever a practitioner is in their home yoga space.

  1. Dedicate a specific time of the day for yoga

Although people can do yoga anytime, the key to having a specific yoga routine at home is training the mind and the body to get used to the activity. For this to work faster and better, predictability is the key. Humans are creatures of habit, so turning yoga into a habit by dedicating space and time makes it easier for people to establish a home yoga routine.

  1. Have an overall conducive environment

Distractions at home can make yoga less effective, and negative feedback from other people can also disrupt the right mindset to achieve yoga goals. Friends and family may express a lack of support or be disinterested in the journey, which is understandable why some would prefer doing the practice in yoga studios or gyms, despite the hefty fees. 

Despite that, it is still possible to align the environment at home with one’s physical, mental, and spiritual goals. A simple conversation might change people’s mindset, shifting it from a lack of interest to utmost support. These people can also serve as “accountability partners” of the yoga practitioner. Another way to have a conducive yoga environment at home is to follow online yoga courses. Online Yoga School offers professionally recorded videos that are easy to follow. Access is free for the first month and only costs $9.99 after the free trial period.

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