Ultimate Summer Swimwear Guide with Blankkini

Summer is finally here, and the rising temperatures can only mean one thing: it’s only a matter of time before the beach and pool parties are in full swing, as everyone gets ready for some much-awaited, socially-distanced TLC. You’ve got your beach bag packed with the usual essentials: SPF, sunglasses, a sneaky little bottle of bubbly. But there’s an absolutely crucial element no girl would leave the house without: a showstopping swimsuit to show off that gorgeous body she’s been hiding in sweatpants all quarantine. 

Finding the perfect swimsuit can be daunting, and we’ve all been there. Endless options for colour, style, fabric and pattern—where do you even start looking? And then when you do finally click Add to Cart, the package that greets you 5 days later is a flimsy imitation of what you saw online—and you sigh resignedly and toss it in the ever-growing pile of swimsuits you know you’ll never reach for.

This summer, we’re going to try and help you avoid the same ordeal. Here are our tips to finding the swimwear best suited to you:

  1. Pay Close Attention to Cut

There’s a multitude of styles you can choose, from bandeus to monkinis, bikinis to halters. It’s a good idea to think about what exactly you want to emphasize about your figure. If you’ve got beautiful shoulders, opt for a bandeau and show them off! If you’ve got great legs, a high-cut bottom will have them appear even longer. Play with cuts and shapes to highlight your figure so you can feel confident and beautiful from every angle. The best part? With tan-through fabrics used by Blankkini, you can really wear any cut you like—long-sleeved, bandeau, you name it—without worrying about tanning unevenly.

Another great tip is to dress according to your body shape. For example, if you’re more pear-shaped, you might want to emphasise the top of your body to create balance. You can create emphasis by showing more skin, or even by showing less! Opt for a long-sleeved, vibrant colour and hit all the right style notes.

For the most stunning variety of swimwear styles, you can visit Blankkini’s website and choose your perfect fit.

  1. Fabric Matters

Most swimwear is a polyester blend, which often feels uncomfortable and is far from durable. Blankkini’s swimwear is made with Blankkini yarn, which is up to 20% more elastic, so you can walk, play, and swim with ease. The elasticity of the fabric also makes for a perfect cut, as it drapes around your curves like second skin. 

Another common problem with most swimwear is the unsightly tan lines that interrupt an otherwise beautiful tan. Instead of constantly manoeuvring your straps to avoid white tan-lines, opt for fabric that allows some sun rays to pass through and creates even tanning. Blankkini’s tan-through fabric technology blocks UVB rays, while allowing 73% to 80% of UVA rays to pass through to let your skin tan through the swimwear. Hurray for smooth, uninterrupted tanning!

  1. Your Swimwear is a Reflection of You

Like any other outfit, your choice of swimwear is the first thing people will notice about you. You want to be hitting all of those style notes, but also to express your individuality and personality. After all, who wants to be looking like everyone else at the beach?

Blankkini’s unique prints are part of a curated colour story that are bound to fetch a ton of compliments. This summer, you can stand out with the most alluring prints and colours from Blankkini so you can channel your inner beach goddess.

  1. Comfort Is Important

Of course, we want our swimwear to look good on us, but it’s also important to feel good, secure and confident. Make sure your swimwear doesn’t feel heavy or uncomfortable and doesn’t get in the way of all that beach fun. Lucky for you, Blankkini’s fabric is Dri-Fit so you can stay fresh no matter what beach activities you have planned. The fabric is also elastic and breathable enough to allow you to move around with ease, because we all know a happy beach girl is a beautiful beach girl.

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