Venkata Pagadala: Disrupting the Industry Through 6XMagazine and 6XMarketing

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Building an enterprise from the ground up is no easy feat. Not only does one need to have immense willpower, but they also need to have the right vision. For 6XMagazine and 6XMarketing, the objective was clear and straightforward – to disrupt their respective industries.

“Separates you from your competition” is the mission of the organization. Founded by Venkata Pagadala, these two ventures have held true to their promise and have helped clients stay on top of their game amidst the fierce competition. 

Created in 2020, 6XMagazine is an international, digital and print fashion magazine. What makes it unique is its format and style that focuses more on aesthetically pleasing visual content with lots of photos and images. It features and highlights the skills and abilities of various talents, including fashion models, influencers, designers, and other public figures from all over the globe. 

The magazine’s goal is to provide a platform to rising personalities in the fashion and entertainment scene, such as models, photographers, make-up artists, musicians, and brands. Within a couple of months from its launch, the venture has received an overwhelmingly great response from the fashion industry. It has impressively collected more than 300 submissions from interested parties who want to be featured in the magazine.

6XMarketing, on the other hand, is an SEO consulting company that was founded in 2019. The fast-growing business collaborates with over 100 clients in the USA and the rest of the world. Its expertise stems from having worked with different establishments across various industries like tech startups, dental clinics, and restaurant businesses, to name a few.

What separates 6XMarketing from its competitors is its flexibility, adaptability, and commitment to deliver results. It employs the approach of building custom SEO strategies based on a specific client’s vision for their business. As its founder, Venkata Pagadala, had said, “The same SEO strategy will not work for all types of business.”

Motivated by the passion and desire to help other talented people flourish, Venkata Pagadala decided to build his own brand and co-found a few other ventures. Dubbed as the “Disruptive SEO Expert,” he has successfully worked with powerhouses in the last five years. The international SEO specialist’s passion, vast experience, and knowledge have been instrumental in the success of 6XMagazine and 6XMarketing. 

His expertise in Search Engine Optimization has landed him an invitation to Google’s Webmaster Conference Mountain View: Product Summit in 2019. Just recently, he completed the online Disruptive Strategy program from the prestigious Harvard Business School. He plans on utilizing his new learnings and knowledge to scale his businesses even more.

In the future, 6XMagazine plans on expanding the business into country-based fashion magazines. It also aims to publish multiple category-based magazines such as teen fashion, men’s fashion, plus-size fashion, and LGBT fashion. As for 6XMarketing, its objective is to cater to all types of services and product-based companies, including other SEO agencies.You can learn more about 6XMagazine by visiting their official website through this link. For 6XMarketing’s official website, click here.

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