VOT Sales: PR That Grants Genuine Exposure and Expansion

For a business to thrive on the international market, it must send a strong message that works for each country they expand to. Culture varies from place to place, and companies need to understand the media trends and practices for each market. VOT Sales is a digital media company specializing in working with international companies that wish to acquire market share within the US. 

Catering to small enterprises and companies seeking assistance, VOT Sales can help with business development, lead generation, and digital media. The firm has worked with businesses from Europe, Asia, and South America and helped them successfully meet key metric objectives.

As this firm is well-versed in different media approaches that work for each country, they are equipped to help foreign companies transform their press campaigns to resonate better with the market they want to break into. Moreover, VOTPR, the PR consultancy arm of VOT Sales, is an expert at adapting to the mentality of the people depending on the nation.

Information is presented differently in each country, with styles that mirror the personality and expectations of its people. What makes for a good campaign in one country may be considered offensive or strange in another. Some countries may expect straightforward information, while others tend to thread relevant current events into the narrative. 

Local experts are an integral part of the team at VOT Sales. These local experts will help foreign companies navigate the local media landscape and social norms. Their team also maintains good relationships with journalists to fully engage with local media.  

Companies can consult with VOT Sales or engage them to outsource their marketing and sales efforts completely. This firm is also a good fit for start-up companies that require their services to meet goals and satisfy investors. 

Aside from PR services, VOT Sales can also help with lead generation through crafting unique strategies tailored to their client’s specific needs and goals. In addition, they can also assist companies with business development. For example, working closely with their clients, the VOT Sales team can develop a growth strategy to help them achieve financial gain and guarantee client satisfaction. 

The duo of Jonathan Kos and Cory Chamberlain have a proven track record, with 15 years of experience working together.. Before starting this digital media firm, they worked in the technology industry. These two founders worked with companies offering cloud computing, backup and disaster recovery solutions. Eventually, they started offering these clients consulting services and business development services. With the success of their initial efforts, Kos and Chamberlain forged a new path and launched VOT Sales.

Though founded in technology VOT Sales sought to fill their team with experts from different fields. As a result, the staff has seasoned experience in finance, telecom, manufacturing, and healthcare. The variety of fields of expertise ensures that clients feel secure in knowing that someone on the team speaks their industry language. Each industry has unique challenges and norms, and this firm’s multifaceted team can help its clients achieve their goals.

Breaking into the US market is the first step to expand international presence. VOT Sales is the preeminent firm companies can work with to increase brand visibility and build a presence in new markets.

VOT Sales is a digital media agency based in Pennsylvania. To learn more about their work, you may visit their website.

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