What Sets Bella Cleaning Inc Apart From Competitors

Bella Cleaning Inc

Many people view cleaning as a chore, but it sparked a passion inside Juliet Tenaglia. Eventually, Juliet translated her passion into an entrepreneurial venture: Bella Cleaning Inc. Having served thousands of families, individuals, commercial spaces, and corporate offices, Bella Cleaning Inc stands as one of the most trusted companies in its field.

Juliet Tenaglia was born and raised in Long Island. Leaving her hometown, she ventured to head down South for six years, finishing up high school in Georgia and attending college in Florida. Soon after graduation, Juliet began working in the mortgage industry and medical device sales industry before realizing that she did not want to spend the rest of her life in the corporate world. Determined to build a life where she works for herself and plays by her own rules, Juliet fiercely became an entrepreneur, and she built Bella Cleaning Inc from the ground up in 2010.

“I started with my own two hands and a vision of what I wanted my company to flourish into. With an enormous amount of hard work and dedication to my dream, 12 years later, we’re going strong,” the CEO shared. “We have survived, persevered, and thrived.”

Truly, Bella Cleaning Inc has had its fair share of challenges after over a decade in operation. Still, the company remains strong amid the circumstances. It continues to provide its clients with unparalleled cleaning services, exceeding expectations and going above and beyond to provide that wow client experience. 

Despite the sea of competition in the market, Bella Cleaning Inc stands out because of its many unique attributes. Bella provides clients with an exceptional team led by the hands-on guidance of its CEO. “We pride ourselves on working hard for our clients and building a trusting, reliable relationship for years to come. We strive to make our clients happy, whether it be weekly office cleaning or helping clean out a loved one’s cluttered home, each client is important to us, and their satisfaction is what has kept us going for over a decade,” explained Juliet. 

Furthermore, Bella Cleaning Inc sets itself apart because of its unmatched customer service and work ethic. Juliet shared that their cleaners come to work with genuine smiles on their faces, setting the tone for a lasting relationship to flourish with their clients. The CEO also revealed that the company has a rigorous hiring process to ensure that all their cleaners are genuinely passionate about what they do. Juliet proudly shared that not only are they passionate, but some of them find cleaning therapeutic, and they take joy in helping others who do not have time, energy, or other resources to maintain their space.

“We have been able to streamline our processes to make the experience of working with Bella Cleaning Inc a pleasure. From brief over-the-phone estimates, convenient scheduling to fit our clients’ calendar to appointment reminders and easy communication via text message, our clients can rest assured that we will show up for our scheduled appointment with all the necessary supplies, and their home or office will be sparkling clean when we are finished,” said the CEO.

Bella Cleaning Inc is currently serving clients in Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island as well as Queens. The CEO envisions expanding the company to Westchester and potentially opening branches in other states, such as Florida.

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